Posted by: Jim | December 7, 2006

Oh Holy Crap

Have I mentioned that I hate the holidays? I do. I especially hate the mall during the holidays, and shopping in general. But the extreme surplus in my bank account is beckoning me out to the stores. And when I’m there I will hear the one thing that makes my ears want to commit suicide: Christmas Music.  

I could go on for a long time about how I hate Christmas music. But today I found a Christmas Song — a version of one of the old standards — that really accurately reflects my feelings about the holidays. It is a true reflection of the spirit of Christmas In America.

Listen to the song on Steve’s Blog. And listen to it all the way through. Trust me, it gets better is it gets going.



  1. Jim, that makes me sad. You are turning into a grumpy old man ::frown::

    My tradition is to play Andy Williams’ Christmas Album the day after Thanksgiving, followed closely by Sinatra, Setzer and Handel’s Messiah.

    I do agree there is bad Christmas music out there, but I don’t hear it so often…

    If you get the chance, chesk out Brian Setzer’s cover of Baby It’s Cold Outside, accompanied by Ann Margaret, and Andy Williams puts a nice twist on the same old Holiday fare.

  2. Yes, each year my scrooginess is revealed. But I snap out of it come January, which is a perfectly fine month.

  3. Derrick Shareef hates the holidays too…

  4. jim, i am with you on this. hearing the same damn “uplifting” chord progressions again and again on different songs, it is above all else for the crime of Christmas “music” that i despise the prospect of the holidays. thankfully, this year i will be in Central America, where the problem is less prevalent, the majority of the local business people preferring music with some semblance of listenability for their stores.

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