Posted by: Jim | December 8, 2006

New Soundbyte

Apparently “Stay the course” did not sit well with the American public. Perhaps it was too long and complicated. The new soundbyte is that we focus on away forwardin Iraq.

It contains only 66.7% the number of words, and allows each and every American to interpret that in his or her own way, because it means nothing. Everyone can agree on something that means nothing. Plus, the only outcome of focusing on a “Way forward” is that people will stop looking back to the past, which the current administration would like to discourage. 


  1. Jimmy, every administration does that. Clinton would like you to forget about his philandering, George H. Bush would like to forget about “No new taxes,” Reagan would like you to forget about Iran/Contra, Carter would like you to forget his so and so and so on.

    Sure, not every president is in office during wartime, but your statement is a bit spun in that you don’t take into account that no administration is perfect, in fact, far from it. It is, however, the best democracy has to offer, and for that, we can thank our citizens who vote.

    I do not like all that Bush has done while in office – I am not a party line follower, but I happen to agree with this administration’s stance on the eradication of terrorism, and yes, that includes war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Sound bytes are just words. I personally do not see anything wrong with the words we focus on a way forward in Iraq. Should we move backward? Should we stand still? Isn’t progress good even if some mistakes are made along the way? I personally think your bias against this administration clouds your view and makes a simple sentence sound like anything but.

  2. No administration before this one has created a soundbyte with the intent of masking previous blunders. None. Zilch.

    I do agree that previous administrations would have … if they had been brazen enough.

    My intent is not for this to be an indictment of the Bush Administration, but to utterly denounce the practice of using soundbytes to obfuscate and manipulate the American populace. The next administration will do the same, and I will denounce it then too.

    We are extremely susceptible to this practice, so it is partly our fault. We are a nation sees jingles and slogans as a form of legitimate communication. But they are not legitimate! They are purposefully manipulative, and appeal to people who see easy answers. The situation in Iraq is horrible and complex, and it should not be expected that we can be lulled into complacency with a soundbyte.

  3. Thank God that George Bush has Todd to stand up for him. I’m sure he appreciates it, especially now, when so many of us have turned against him. Bless you, Todd!


    * * *

  4. As far as I know, the life of my one and only brother-in-law has never been sacrificed because of someone (no matter how “important”)’s philandering.

    I take offense as a forward-thinking, non-partisan voter when you claim Afghanistan and Iraq in one sentance, because they are clearly not involved with each other. Attacking Afghanistan was one thing, Iraq a complete other. Forgive me, but these are CHILDREN. Isn’t that enough for most people?

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