Posted by: Jim | January 2, 2007

More Search Terms

Before I wind up for the next pitch, here is a list of recent search terms people have used that have led them here. Happy 2007. My comments in parentheses.

democracy in iraq is impossible stop trying (Amen!)
mature meat blog (Exactly.)
how long will meat keep in the refrigerator (If you have to ask, toss it.)
does legitimize extremists moderates (Huh?)
eragon + gay
edward speleers gay
eragon homosexual
Eragon = shitty movie  (I just print it. I don’t write it.)
next muslim superpower (Iran.)
Did the Dixie Chicks Break up? (Who cares?)
The Gravitizer (Thanks Jason.)
Atheist atrocities (Thanks Pol Pot.)
companies interested in meat in iran
sex tours in Thailand
bad peace of meat (You found it here.)
“what happened to shania” (WTF?)


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