Posted by: Jim | January 18, 2007

Circling the Wagons

Yesterday, the Bush Administration announced an abrupt end to their warrantless domestic spying initiative.

Why did this happen only a few short weeks after Democrats took the majority of Congress? According to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, it is just a coincidence. In fact, innuendo to the contrary offends him.

I’m sorry. That last sentence actually made me laugh out loud. But really, this is obviously the Bush Administration getting their house in order to avoid impeachment. Clearly they knew this was an unconscionable, unconstitutional, and ultimately impeachable¬†offense.

Whatever the impetus, I am thankful for it. But I fear this problem will be swept under the carpet, only to resurface with future administrations.



  1. Well, not to sound racist or anything, but since Alberto Gonzales is obviously of Latino descent, and the phrase ‘innuendo to the contrary’ sounds like Spanglish for some sort of perverted sex act with a Central American leftist guerrilla, I don’t blame him for being offended.

    At any rate, if such an act is in fact going on somewhere, you can bet the Bush administration is spying on it.

    * * *

  2. i like how that works… comit a crime, bullshit your way through it, when that stops working, backpedal. no harm, no foul. yeah, right.

  3. The WH is due to defend the Terrorist Surveillance Program in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals on Jan 31st. Let’s see if this still happens, and to what extent these moves by Gonzalez are an attempt to evade scrutiny.

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