Posted by: Jim | January 29, 2007

Shiite Happens

These days, when the going gets tough, the tough get impeached. Though it hasn’t happened yet, it might. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is now scrambling to keep his own power after making controversial economic moves and bringing additional foreign threat to Teheran.

After all, we Americans grew quite squeamish when President Bush’s White House implied that the nuclear option was on the table when dealing with Iran. Imagine how squeamish that made Iranians. If this was the game the White House was playing, it might succeed. If it works, and he is replaced by someone a little more sane, this will be good political news for us.

But, while we may have aided the ouster of a non-friend, do we really want to have the reputation like Billy Mumy in that classic Twilight Zone episode–the kid who tyrannized his neighborhood because he was all powerful and would “wish people out to the cornfield” if they didn’t do what he asked?



  1. Tehran, not Teheran, Jim. And why is the text wrapping around a picture I can’t see?

  2. Do you look these things up before correcting me?

    It is spelled both ways, my friend.

    The picture is a snap of Billy Mumy, a child actor. Not sure what the problem is there, but I will look into it.

  3. i did look it up, just to be sure. you don’t think i am going to rely on a mind like mine for the truth? that’s practically an insult! it didn’t come up with a duplicate spelling on wikipedia. i have always seen it rendered the other way and it does save a keystroke.

    i can see the image if i do right click View Image. i think there’s probably not enough wrap on it, or similar, you could edit the HTML and add hspace and vspace values for the image, might work.

  4. i didn’t mean to upset you. please accept my humble apologies. i only mention the odd typo on your site because i know you have a thing for detail (this comes out in your blogging)

  5. You say Al Qaeda and I say Al Qaida — let’s call the bombing off.


    * * *


    this article on the potential roots of the name Al-Qaida is fascinating, especially if you’ve read any Isaac Asimov books

  7. Jim, don’t you mean nukeyalur? Heh. I heard Andy Rooney, the Commander of the Curmudgeons muse about this on 60 Munutes on Sunday. I’m not sure if he has finally saturated me with annoyance or if he has run out of things to complain about, but good Lord, is there not anything else to complain about besides a word that has been mispronounced prior to this president? Say, Eisenhower, and great number of both Canadians and Brits?

    I’ve always had trouble with the words traveled and canceled. I throw the extra ‘l’ in there, like Led Zeppelin’s Travelling Riverside Blues, and “Today’s seminar has been cancelled due to inclement weather.” Works both ways, just depends upon how you learned it.

  8. KingFelix, I’m not upset whatsoever! Believe me, I commit a grand amount of typos. If it weren’t for Bri quickly ferreting them out and alerting me to it, you would all think I was playing the banjo in the blue ridge mountains somewhere. (Apologies to all you intelligent, banjo-playing Blue Ridgeians.)

  9. Gentlemen, I can shed some light on why Tehran would be spelled both ways: In the Persian language the Persian script is 6 symbols representing the phonetics equivalent to our alphabet ‘Teh-ran’. In pronouncing the city’s name, the H has a sound of ‘Hay’ so when speaking the word ‘in Persian’, the liason between the H and R sound like T(hay)-heran. Just a tidbit. I’m a linguist and my 3rd language is Persian (or Farsi, as some like to refer to it)

  10. All that and she’s a hottie too.


    * * *

  11. kind of guessed it was a phonetic rendering, as they do after all use a different alphabet in that part of the world. but thanks for the 101. going back to the subject of the post, there is a counter-view here that Washington pressure may keep the Iranian President in his job, despite his incompetence, as Iran won’t wish to appear weak to the outside world. Interesting,,2001703,00.html

  12. How do you say ‘Irradiated pile of ashes and stone’ in Farsi? I don’t know either, but that will be the new name of the capital of Iran (however it may be spelled now) if Israel thinks or one minute that theses Muslim death-cult Shi’a fanatics have a deliverable atomic weapon.

    -Deacon Dr. Tommy Ice

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