Posted by: Jim | January 31, 2007

Viva La Somnambulist!

Apparently the French are having trouble sleeping. After they way they treated my ex-wife and I on our vacation to Paris in 1991, I’m not surprised.

Still, I found this funny.

There may be legislation to allow the French, who currently have a 35 hour work week, to nap on the job.

Sacre bleu!



  1. sounds good to me. if i defect maybe it will be to france! naps are what keep me going.

  2. France is the canary in the European coal mine. They (the French) have one last chance. If they can somehow elect Nick Sarkozy as President this year, then maybe, just maybe, France will avoid becoming “The French Islamic Republic” 20 years down the road. But if not, f#*k ‘um, they deserve what they get.


  3. Heh. As a big fan of naps, and a big fan of work (it pays my bills), combining the two would be difficult. I, for one, do not wake up well from naps unless I’m on my couch and it’s a weekend. Even then, all I want to do is have a snack and get back to the serious business of napping.

    Those silly French – what will they think of next? Maybe they’ll follow California’s lead and start a study the possible effects of removing the incandescent lightbulb from the shelves of retailers everywhere in the Golden State.

    Wouldn’t it be better to solve all the murders, house the homeless and cure AIDS before deciding the fate of the lowly light bulb? California, the country is laughing at you…

  4. Well, nobody’s laughing at Colorado, Todd. We’re just all scared to send our children to school there.

    * * *

  5. Todd,

    Converting from incandescent light to flourescent light *saves energy*. Why is it funny to study how this move might save energy?

    How the hell did we get on this topic? LOL

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