Posted by: Jim | February 15, 2007

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson created a stir when saying this: (The video can be viewed here.)

CARLSON: So Barack Obama is a member of a church called Trinity United Church of Christ. It’s a predominantly black church in Chicago, that espouses something called the “Black Value System,” [PDF] which includes calls for congregants to be “soldiers for black freedom” and a, quote, “disavowal of the pursuit of middleclassness.” Now, it would seem to me, Tom, not to make a broad sweeping statement here, but a racially exclusive theology, a theology that ministers to one group of people, based on race, kind of contradicts the basic tenets of Christianity, and is worth talking about. Wouldn’t you say?


  1. I just took ten minutes to read through the PDF and see nothing amiss. Carlson’s comments remind me of an Onion story, “Nigerian President courts the Black Vote.” ie: there is no story.

    when will a section of white America realise that being pro-black to try and end oppression/seek social justice (however you want to frame it) is not the same as being a pro-white KKK member, dedicated TO oppression. that always seems to be what is implied by the view Tucker Carlson adopts here.

    the values described are positive values, focused on ‘raising your own game’ and taking personal responsibility for yourself and the fate of your community. it makes me wonder what values Carlson would prefer black people to have.

    as for ‘disavowal of the pursuit of middle-classness’, i hear them loud and clear. in the UK, the same process works along lines of social class, so the best and brightest of the working class are inducted into the middle-class, (primary method used to be scholarships to grammar schools) where the attitudes they acquire remove their skills and from the working class community they came from. it’s a class-based brain drain and something worth working to minimise.

    “… that ministers to one group of people, based on race, kind of contradicts the basic tenets of Christianity, and is worth talking about. Wouldn’t you say?”

    yes, Carlson can talk about all the all-white churches in Mississippi, too, if he finds the topic so worthwhile.

  2. I can’t even begin to explain how pissed I am about how the media (all media in this case, not just the MSM) can’t seem to stop talking about Obama’s racial heritage. His mother was a white woman from Kansas; his father was an African man from Kenya: Get over it you journalist hacks and focus on the issues.

    There are two things that Obama can do to poison his 08’ run:

    1: Ally with Jesse, Al, and other “black leaders”:
    The race card now has little value in America because it’s been played too much and it’s time to reshuffle the deck. The fact is if the ‘black’ community in the USA were their own nation, they would have, depending on the source, anywhere from the 10th to the 16th most wealthy country in the entire world, about 1 trillion dollars GDP, or nearly ½ the GDP of the entire continent of Africa.

    2: Ally with the far left in the Democratic Party:
    I don’t feel the need to explain this one. Obama’s going to need ‘Pub and independent defectors to win, so he is going to have to take a more centrist stance, like Hitlery is pretending to do.

    There is also the Islam angle that has be examined; but is moot in this case I think, and this is why: Barack Hussein is an Islamic name, his father and step-father were Muslims, and he may have even been raised in his early childhood as a Muslim, but it is obvious that at some point ditched Islam (smart man) for some form of Christianity. The ‘madrasah’ in Indonesia angle is, I think, complete non-sense. Barack is a liberal Democrat, period. That’s all you need to know about him, politically.

    At this point I would, however, would vote for Obama over Hitlery or Edwards, Giuliani, or McCain.


  3. Tucker Carlson is not old enough to wear a bow-tie. He may as well try smoking a pipe, but he’s also too young for that as well. He’s a snot.

    Wouldn’t it be crazy if Obama was planted here in a years-long Islamic plot to take over the nation? He’s almost too likeable, too…something. He’s already misstepped once, claiming that troop deaths in Iraq are ‘.’

    The media has publicized Obama’s blame on the statement as a ‘slip of the tongue.’ Ah, wouldn’t it be nice if all politicians could use that excuse? This is no way to build a voter base in THAT particular demographic.

    I’ll take Giuliani.

  4. Stupid tags…

  5. Found this on the web and thought you’d like it:

    July 26, 2007

    Tucker Carlson
    For reporting that is an embarrassment to the profession of journalism, and for being beholden to corporate paymasters rather than the citizens of America.

    The real test of a Media Putz is kind of like the difference between sex for love and sex for money.

    If you look closely at a true Media Putz — their mannerisms and gestures — you can discern that they are performing for the money, not because being a pundit gives them an outlet for their true beliefs.

    According to a slew of BuzzFlash readers, Tucker Carlson came to the defense of Senator Hooker — uh, we mean Vitter — by claiming a public official can champion the sanctity of marriage and monogamy, while paying prostitutes for sex, and still not be a hypocrite.

    Now that is the kind of ludicrous, jaw-dropping statement that so defies common sense, you just can’t understand how anyone could be paid to utter it on television.

    I guess … get a life … because yer a sick fork.

  6. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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