Posted by: Jim | March 5, 2007

Power Corrupts. Shock Power Corrupts Absolutely.

Ann Coulter is getting rebuked by conservatives.

The open letter in the link is well-written, thoughtful, and necessary. This is a healthy sign, as her voice has descended a path that leads to ultimate corruption. If she says something inflammatory and her image ends up with millions of hits on YouTube the next day, she sees this as positive reinforcement for her childish behavior. 

There are liberal voices that are similar. Michael Moore springs to mind. People who are addicted to attention find a more powerful fix in fighting words. But do they help America? No, they are hurting America. They might delude themselves into thinking they are “tellin it like it is” but if your opponents are unable to listen past words like “faggot” and “raghead” then you are merely noise that makes money.


  1. How did that photographer make Coulter look almost hot, when she has skin like a shark and the sunken eyes of a crystal meth addict? Can that photographer be booked to do MY publicity shots?

    Jim, you are right. Coulter favours a politics that takes place Under the Skin, that gauges its success by its outrage. She needs to be told that there will be no ice cream until her tantrum is over. Instead, there are those on the right (who are always espousing family values and worshipping authoritarianism), who just can’t bring themselves to pipe up with the slightest admonition. She is something like Chuckie from Child’s Play, a bastard creation of the right-wing tolerance of intolerance.

  2. To me, this sentiment applies to anyone, celebrity or commoner, whose shrill rises above the drone of regular political, sporting or other commentary. It makes an opinion less valid in my eyes, when the rule of ‘He who screams the loudest is heard, and is therefore right’ is applied. I noticed this in a bar last night as I sat there trying my best to get through a game of Euchre without strangling the lady at the bar as her tone rose, sharing an entire story about her imprisoned brother and his poor children and how the system is unfair, blah blah BLAH.

    It’s annoying. Nice balanced post, Jim.

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