Posted by: Jim | March 7, 2007

Of the People … By the People

A few towns in Vermont are taking matters into their own hands, and we’re not talking maple syrup here.

This development might be seen as “cute” to some, and “arrogant” to others. I see it as a potent signal that Americans are remembering their roots. Some might also feel that these Vermont towns don’t have the power to effect change, they are using their voice as an influence that might ultimately do just that.

We’re back to town hall meetings. That’s good on so many levels.  

I do not applaud them because they are calling for the impeachment of Bush and the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. In fact, if they were calling for Cheney to run in ’08 and for increased troop involvement, I would still applaud them for their involvement in government.

Voting is only where our involvement starts. Many Americans have forgotten that.



  1. “Nothing I do will make a difference. I’m just one person.”

    I hear this a lot, and cringe every time. From the days when people debated serious issues on the front porches of America, to the limitless explosion of readily available media and internet resources, we now return to the grassroots efforts of Vermont’s town meeting. We all matter. Some people believe it and find powerful ways to show it, like staying informed and providing a forum for free and open discussions using tools such as this blog. Others show it by assembling in a town hall and voting to remind our government that – one by one – we are, indeed, still “The People”.

    Joshua, in response to a previous meatofthematter post, asked what we are really *doing* about the failings of our current government? The answer is, whatever you want.

  2. I second Jian’s commentary.

  3. Nice post Jim, and comment Jian. Now we’re talking about solutions.

    The media of the blog world is and can be very powerful(as most of us know). I get excitied when we use it for ‘solutions’.

    A personal favorite of mine is everyone that’s informing and stating action plans for global warming…

  4. As fun as it would be to impeach Bushitler, there is little point as he will be out of office in less than 2 years, and the whole processes would take the focus off the issues, which would be more damaging than just leaving him there, impotent, IMAO.


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