Posted by: Jim | March 16, 2007

China’s Future

This article was so spot-on that I feel inclined to say “me too.”

The article is a book review of  “The China Fantasy: How Our Leaders Explain Away Chinese Repression.” It states that American businesses have adapted one of two very benign policies on China’s future: either “a) China keeps growing and becomes more like us; or b) it fails to become more like us, stops growing and therefore ceases to matter.”

However, the book favors a third scenario. One “… in which China keeps growing, and the Communist Party keeps grips on power.”

This seems the most likely scenario to me, as well. The article then denounces the book for not being long enough to accomplish its goal. That may well be, but the idea is one that needed to be brought forth.

If, in 25 years, China is still an oppressive regime that stifles dissent and jails people for criticizing the government, American businesses will have soiled their hands by doing business with them. In a day when rhetoric eclipses fact, this outcome would spell moral disaster for the United States.

The worse news is, we won’t even know it.



  1. Jim

    I am with you on this. I just can’t accept the “we adapt our business ethics to suit the country we operate in” That’s moral relativism of the worst kind. Case in point, this awful March 15th story in Wired,72972-0.html?tw=wn_story_page_prev2

    Money quote:

    “Yu’s husband is now in Beijing Prison No. 2, serving a 10-year sentence for inciting subversion with his pro-democracy internet writings. According to the written court verdict, the Chinese government convicted Wang, in part, on evidence provided by Yahoo.”

  2. I wrote a post about this sort of thing awhile back. The PRC’s “One Country, Two Systems,” economic policy is political suicide for these old fart Maoists. In the Information Age, there are no big secretes (even in Communist China), and you can’t grant economic and political freedoms to people in some parts of your country, and deny them everywhere else without resentment, and eventually revolt. It would help the situation by leaps and bounds if the U.S. stopped sending them hundreds of billions of Dollars every year.

    A solution; kill two birds with one stone here: Mexico agrees to starts up factories to produce clothes, trinkets, cheap appliances, shoes, etc., shit we Americans buy on a daily basis. This way, we de-fund our main strategic enemy’s economy, and therefore their ability to expand their military. We would create hundreds of thousands, if not millions of jobs in Mexico, slowing if not ending illegal immigration.

    Either way, I will never support a country that has a “population control” law enforced by state doctors shoving a formaldehyde filled hypodermic syringe in the head of crowning baby during an “unauthorized birth.”


  3. Sometimes Venjanz completely bewilders me. Sometimes I even think somebody slipped him some PCP. But other times I agree wholeheartedly.

    This time it’s the latter.

    Wake up. Korporate Amerika. The Chinese Government is not your friend. Unless you’re the type who hangs out with sleazeballs just cuz they get you discounts on hookers. Which, stripped of all the quasi-utopian-hyped Globalization Bullshit and soulless Korporate rationalization/spin, is essentially what you’re doing.

    Rome got in bed with the Vandals (and the Goths, and the Franks, etc) for short-term expediency — and they all eventually sacked their benefactor. Alas, they just don’t teach enough History in business school.

    And don’t even get me started on ethics, morals, basic human decency, etc. In a Social Darwinist worldview (i.e. Amerikan Korporate Konsumerist business kulture), those are all for suckers. Until, of course, you find yourself the one with the black bag pulled over your head and tossed in the back of a van. But then, of course, it’s too late to rethink your narrow-minded approach. Oops.

    I got some news for all the ‘free market’ idealist simpletons out there. The ‘Invisible Hand’ is wearing brass knuckles and a spiked leather glove so it leaves no fingerprints.

    * * *

  4. O come on’ Venjanz like what 90% of the shit you buy in the US of A is from what China. Following this line of thought does this not imply that you HAVE bought something from China, and if so does this not indirectly imply you’re in effect SUPPORTING THE COMMUNIST REGIME ?? !!! ?? ? !!!!? !? !?!?! O M G.
    Or are you saying that you haven’t done so, in which case I WILL NEVER SUPPORT YOUR COUNTRY BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU EXIST IN IT.

    Ok enough retardation

    If anybody thinks a country with a population of a billion is going to change government without some MASSIVE civil upheaval better think again, you better get used to the communist party because its there to stay.


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