Posted by: Jim | April 12, 2007

Wake Me Up Before You Google

A creative use of technology is allowing Google to help the masses wake up to the issues that are happening in Darfur.

At you can download “Google Earth,” which is worth your time for the amazing tool all by itself. However, Google Earth has recently added something called “Crisis in Darfur.” To find it, download Google Earth, then type “Darfur, Sudan” in to the location field, and hit enter. Zoom in with your mouse wheel, and you will see something similar to the above. Zoom into the flames you see, and you will find the burned-out husk of a place that once was a village teeming with people.

A tip of the hat again to Google, Inc. for being a corporation with conscience. (Queue all the anti-Google speak.)



  1. The U.N. is completely worthless. Too bad Darfur (Sudan), Somalia, Chad, and Zimbabwe don’t have appreciable oil reserves, eh?


  2. This is the same Google that reverted to pre-Katrina pics of Nola, right?

    If those countries had big oil reserves, the US could have provided the same assistance they have delivered in Iraq, right?

    On the wider point – why do we even have leaders? why do we have an international community? A UN, a Prime Minister, a President, when they don’t intervene in such terrible situations as those unfolding in the countries Venjanz quotes (as well as Zimbabwe, too). It’s a disgrace.

    History is going to remember these people as much for what they have not done, as for what they have (as if, in the case of Bush and Blair, that wasn’t bad enough. Blair is such an enigma – all that amazing work in Northern Ireland, and then, the Iraq war, this idiot venture.).

  3. Neither the US nor the UN are humanitarian. Their agenda is to protect and expand the power and wealth of those who have them. Compare our invasion of Iraq … a resource-rich country that suffered under oppression, with our utter lack of interest in Sudan … a resource-poor country that suffers (worse) under oppression. Our invasion of Iraq has made a lot of people rich, and granted us more power over the resources that will make people even richer in the future.

    Sudan wouldn’t have done squat for the rich. Those who still think we are the man on the white horse should ask why that horse isn’t riding into Darfur.

  4. From:

    … shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Google posted satellite images of the areas devastated by Katrina, but in September 2006, it replaced the storm imagery with pre-Katrina aerial photography of a much higher resolution as part of its regularly scheduled global data enhancements. However, he said Google continued to make the Katrina imagery available on a dedicated site,

    “Given that the changes that affected New Orleans happened many months ago, we were a bit surprised by some of these recent comments,” Hanke wrote Monday in his blog. “We’re happy to say that we have been able to expedite the processing of recent (2006) aerial photography for the Gulf Coast area that is equal in resolution to the data it is replacing. That new data was published in Google Earth and Google Maps on Sunday evening. Make no mistake, this wasn’t any effort on our part to rewrite history. But it looks like this April Fool’s joke was on us.”

    It all sounded good until the April Fool’s joke comment.

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