Posted by: Jim | April 20, 2007

Why my iPod Nano is like a woman.

One perfect circle hovering below that perfect square, with a tight-small package and curved lines. It sits there on my desk, so utterly sexy that I simply must play with it. But when trying to get it to give me what I want, I become inexorably frustrated. The design is so sleek, but the interface so kooky and illogical. It seems as if the emphasis on being sexy eclipsed the need to fix some fundamental flaws.

I cannot turn the volume down. When I do I get unexpected results–sometimes the volume actually goes up. I am merely supposed to slide my thumb from the right, across the top, over to the left. I move forward a song, pause the song, then move back a song. I do it over and over. Right-slide-left. Right-slide-left. I’ve lost my place in the song, and feel like I should have gotten unlimited Mario lives in god mode. There is no “off” switch on the iPod, but if I ignore it long enough, it goes off on me.



  1. Nice.
    But you forgot one.

    At first you’re willing and excited to pay the absurdly high price, but then after the novelty wears off, you realize you could have just listened to the radio at home for free.


    * * *

  2. The last sentence of this post is VERY funny!

  3. Hahaha good one. You having relationship troubles man? This is the second post on women this week. If so, know that I understand 😉

  4. By the sounds of this description, it’s not just a woman, it’s a wife…

    it will soon develop memory problems and finally have a breakdown, becoming, to all intents and purposes, useless

    then, if you read the underside, you will discover in fine print, that in the state of California, it is entitled to half your worldly assets and the right to phone all your friends in the middle of the night to badmouth you

    it will then magically recover and be seen in the company of your best friend…

  5. The Nano may not have an off switch, per se, but if you put it to sleep, then switch the hold button, it works the same as one.

    The controls are a little touchy (took me a bit of time to get the hang of it), but I love my little black Nano.

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