Posted by: Jim | April 25, 2007

First There Was a Hero, Then There Was No Hero, Then There Was.

Jessica Lynch has risen back to hero status once again. This time, though, she actually deserves it.

For those of you who don’t remember, her convoy was attacked, and she was injured shortly after the beginning of the Iraq War. The military, together with a full-of-itself-media, hyped what happened to her to mythic proportions. Then when we found out that it really didn’t happen like we thought. Everyone just said, “OOohhhh,” and forgot about her.

Today she testified about what really happened to her.

Her story has a twang of self-deprecation to it, which causes me to respect her:

What was the greatest misinformation about you?
The whole Rambo story, that I went down fighting. It just wasn’t the truth.”

So my hat is off to you, Jessica! Real heroes aren’t necessarily the ones who are valiant in the face of battle. Sometimes a hero is someone who wants to simply have the truth be told.



  1. Yep that’s the situation! She threw it all away!!
    But, she never once got above her raisen! Because she’s country baby… and country is cool!

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