Posted by: Jim | May 2, 2007

Bush’s New Title

He’s not just “The Decider” anymore. Now he’s the “Commander Guy.”

Bri said, “Soon he’ll be the impeached in disgrace metal-detector and big shorts with white socks on the beach guy.”

That’d be nice.



  1. And sandals. Ya forgot the sandals.

  2. He didn’t even make Time’s list of 100 most influential people.

    He’s been a dead man walking for at least the last two years, but what’s it matter? The only person left thinking he’s doing a good job is Todd! Todd has cut him more slack than 43’s own father.

    Sadly, I think it will all end very happily for 43 and Cheney and Rove. If the Nixon era had jailed more of these people, and eradicated them from the upper reaches of the political establishment, maybe we would not be in the current mess. Instead, these cockroaches crawled back to the levers of power and have taken America to the brink of collapse.

    Such a shame.

  3. It’s so nice to see that my name is dropped even when I’m not in here ruffling your fur. Unless you know George Sr., I say your comments are way out of line. All you know is what the media reports. When you live your life based on what the news says, well, you become less and less credible. One thing Jim’s forum has taught me is to humbly disagree and not attack, like Chuck, Bri, and now Felix. Tch.

    And one more thing. Your inane assertion, “The only person left thinking he’s doing a good job is Todd!” is a fine example of how different regions/contries share a common opinion. You would have a very difficult time finding someone who thinks like you all do right here where I live. You’d be laughed at. Literally. It is why Jim has sought out and now provides links to opposing views. When you huddle together in your liberal circle, you become like the smoking section in eighth grade – the smelly group out by the baseball backstop who no one wanted to go near.

    You really should step outside your element once in a while…

  4. No need to have this un-scientific debate. Todd is in a 30-something percentile.

    Todd obviously isn’t Bush’s only supporter, but he’s the only one who frequently chimes in here at TMOTM. (Venjanz leans right, but doesn’t seem to adamantly support The Commander Guy.)

    At the same time, I would say Todd’s metaphor of us being the 8th grade smoking section would only be true of 60-something percent of your 8th graders were part of that smelly clique.

  5. “You really should step outside your element once in a while…”

    Todd. I am from England, and have lived in Ireland, the US, and now, in Guatemala. I am not a liberal and no liberal circles exist where I live, speaking English or Spanish.

    And what does it matter if everybody where you live agrees with you? It just means you live in a place where there are lots of people holding foolish opinions. Everybody where you live might believe in Intelligent Design, too, so what? Am I meant to stop having a reality-based opinion on the course of the Bush presidency? It’s better if you just tell me where you and your like-minded friends live, and I can cross it off my travel itinerary. I would also suggest that you follow your own advice if you are surrounded by Stepford Todds and step outside this element once in a while.

    Moving on, you are a fine person to talk about being credulous with regard to the news media. How do you derive your opinions then? I imagine that Bri suspects that they are whispered into your ear while you sleep by a pernicious homunculus, or some such, but I am not so sure. I shall faithfully await your own explanation of how you derive your opinions, whether you consult an oracle or have your own news bureau, with your legion of employees and stringers filing copy from all over the planet.

  6. Oh my god! Felix, you are psychic!

    I DO suspect Todd’s opinions are whispered into his ear by a pernicious homunculus! How did you know? That’s amazing! Well, since the two of us agree on this, it must certainly be true. I do take exception to one not-so-minor detail, however: I believe that aforementioned homonculus whispers into Todd’s ear when he is AWAKE.

    And Todd, I’m truly sorry that you feel so ‘attacked’; it’s all in good fun, really. It’s just that you’re such an easy target. Jim assures me that I’d actually really LIKE you in person, and, well, I’d trust Jim with my life, so there ya go.

    Anyway, the question isn’t where you live or what you believe in; the question is what percentage of people who live in Colorado can find Colorado on a map of the world?

    Pencils up.

    * * *

  7. This man graduated from YALE?! I would like to point out first of all that I have never been a member of the Republican Party, and furthermore I did NOT vote for “The Commander Guy” in 2004 (not that it would have mattered, he carried my state with something like 57%), although I did in 2000. The only thing I expect out of him at this point is to veto the neo-socialist bills that are doubtless coming down the pike, i.e. H.R. 3302.

  8. Poor Todd. He cannot defend his indefensible opinions and positions, so he claims “attack” when they are debunked and (rightly) ridiculed.

    Todd, really, you must stop with the comedy. It hurts. You? “Humbly disagree”? As the kids say: ROTFLMAO!

    We liberals huddle in a smelly little circle of like-minded opinion and you suggest it means our views are limited, but you and your even smaller circle of like-minded “think”ers apparently have the innate ability to seek out and consider opposing opinions … and you make this claim even as you oppose one? FuuuuunnnnNY!

    News flash for ya, Todd-O: YOU “would have a very difficult time finding someone who thinks like you all do right here where I live. You’d be laughed at. Literally.” The fact that you and the seven waterheads around you all think that the Earth is flat does not in fact make it flat. It just makes all eight of you wrong. And the fact that you somehow think that your isolation proves your opinion is, well, comical. Also: dumb.

    But I think what’s funniest to me of all (well, maybe not funniest — it’s all pretty damn funny) is your obvious feeling that because you’ve talked to a few troops in person, that you have the inside track on every-fucking-thing. As if a grunt’s personal experience somehow translates into a universal view, his opinion an unassailable Truth. As if someone who volunteers and trains and is paid to fight wouldn’t naturally WANT to fight. As if that one slanted view automatically cancels out any opposing slanted view.

    You’ve talked to a soldier or two, so you naturally know more than any of us who may read every single news source they can get their hands on — news sources that may actually interview soldiers themselves.

    You’re a funny guy, Todd. Too bad you’re not kidding.

  9. You mean the Earth ISN’T flat? Damn…it seemed pretty flat the last time I was in Colorado.

    * * *

  10. Play nice guys … my finger is hovering over the “delete comments” key.

    Arguments – okay to attack
    People – not okay to attack

  11. I’ve talked to a few soldiers – guess what? Not all of them are for this war or think we’re right to be there. Many of then think the opposite. One of my friends is Tim Goodrich – a bright young man and co-founder of Iraq Veterans Against the War. He’s been to Iraq as both a soldier and civilian and knows where from he speaks. I’ve talked to young men walking down the streets of D.C., freshly back from Iraq, saying this war has got to end. And that wasn’t the soldiers who show up at anti-war demonstrations. I was just walking with friends on the way to dinner when we met up with them. I’ve spoken with Scott Ritter and seen Ann Wright at progressive events. My father is a Navy vet and I was born and raised in the Navy. Even my father – from whom I’ve been estranged for a number of years and who is pretty damned Republican – thinks this war is wrong and that the way the soldiers are treated by our own administration is shameful.

    I won’t lie – it’s comfortable in my little reality- based echo chamber. Mainly because whenever I go outside “my element” I’m confronted by people who think Intelligent Design has more validity than science and that Bush & Co. give a damn about anything besides propping each other up, parroting their little bromides and avoiding the jail-time they so richly deserve. People like that – who seem to have little-to-no handle on provable facts – scare the crap out of me. And so I scurry back to where science isn’t a scary boogie man, where critical thinking is heartily encouraged and people seem to give a shit about humanity. It’s nice here. And actually smells pretty nice, thanks to all the incense. I’ll go out into that other element – I think it’s a valuable thing to do. I just ain’t going to vacation there.

    Besides, “Commander Guy”? I know Bush’s brain cells have been on the low side for a long time, but how many more has he been killing lately?

    BTW, H.R. 3302 – I know it’ll be veto’d, but it’s got some good stuff in it. I’m all for it!

  12. oh god, Jim’s ‘hovering over delete’ post was posted as I was writing this. Please, it’s just in fun, and apologies for my attempts to render hickspeak, I only had my memories of Deliverance, the Dukes of Hazzard, and time spent in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Alabama to draw on…

  13. I was too fast for ya Kingfelix … no apology necessary. Hyuck hyuck.

  14. I guess when it comes to MOTM, Jim really is the Commander Guy!

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