Posted by: Jim | May 15, 2007

His Final Revelation

Now he really knows what’s up … Jerry Falwell is dead at 73. Kudos to Bri for a better title on his blog: “Welcome to the Mortal Majority.”

This quote just in from The Curmudgeon in Training:

Commenting on the events of 9/11:
“I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the
feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to
make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American
Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the
finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen’.”

Jerry Falwell



  1. Ding dong, the prick is dead. Good riddance, you hypocritical fatass. I hope there IS a God, and I hope it’s a gay black woman listening to you beg for the mercy you denied everybody else. Buh-bye.

    * * *

  2. Agree with Bri.

    It’s tedious to have to wrap my satisfaction with this asshole hater’s demise inside some kind of sympathy, so I won’t. The greater shame is that a man who speaks the language of the cesspit from the pulpit can prosper in modern day America.

  3. Wow, two mentions on the front page of The Meat of the Matter.

    By the way, the Curmudgeon in Training’s blog is active again, with a new focus on original material rather than cranky rant. Do stop by.

  4. Both Bri and the Curmudgeon blowing the dust off their blogs on the same day.

    What are the odds?

  5. All it took was the death of Jerry Falwell.

  6. Praise the Lord!

    * * *

  7. Now when Pat Robertson dies a fiery death because Dick Cheney accidentally shot him with a flamethrower while they were goofing around in women’s lingerie on a grenade range, not knowing some guy in the bushes with a camera phone was about to make history on YouTube, THEN I will reconvert immediately to Christianity, because not only will it prove there’s a God, but it will prove he’s my kinda dude.

    * * *

  8. I think it’s ironic that the compassionate “progressives” (who claim to embrace diversity) are openly celebrating this man’s death because of his religious and political opinions.


  9. Hey I openly celebrated Saddam Hussein’s death too. I’m compassionate when it’s due, but a slimeball is a slimeball. And ’embracing diversity’ doesn’t mean you tolerate people who openly attempt to destroy the very foundations of your civilization; i.e. separation of church and state. His opinions aren’t what bothered me about him; it was his actions and the actions of those he inspired and supported from his vile pulpit. The only difference between his ilk and, say, the Taliban is a few degrees of power.

    I have no problem with legitimate preachers who espouse the words of their so-called savior and try to be decent human beings, regardless of whether I agree with their particular belief system. But anybody who’d ever heard five minutes of what this guy had to say, or looked at the societal ramifications of his political machinations, wouldn’t for one second classify him as one of those.

    And regarding so-called ‘progressives’ and the unthinking party line we are accused of parroting: you can try to label me, but I won’t fit into your box.

    * * *

  10. Venjanz

    Why are progressives (your label, we have been through this a million times, but you do not know the political affiliations of people here, and you have asserted the same fact in your own defense previously to rebuff comments that frame your political outlook) somehow held to a higher standard than others? And who are these others? The people who celebrated when Peter Jennings died? The people who will go apeshit with joy when Jimmy Carter dies?

    And the notion that ’embracing diversity’ is somehow undermined by hating a man who opposed anything and everything outside his tiny sphere of beliefs, who can come out after 9/11 and pin the blame on every group he finds unpleasant, sans facts, and who, on top of it all, claims his fascist views flow naturally from his deep religious convictions, is laughable.

    As usual, you are trying to squeeze together an accusation out of nothing, vague enough and irrational enough to be difficult to refute. Whatever, no doubt there is an argument that ’embracing diversity’ dictates finding a place for all those people and things that steadfastly refuse to make the slightest amount of sense.

  11. Religious nuts scare me more than anyone else in the world, because belief can so easily be digested as faith.

    See ya!

  12. Methinks the liberals doth protest too much,

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