Posted by: Jim | May 29, 2007

What a World!

I shrank 1 inch. I am now only 5′ 9.5″ tall.

Isn’t that supposed to happen when you’re *really* old?



  1. Jimmy, how’s your posture? I don’t think you’re old enough to begin shrinking. I’d blame the religious right! Hell, they are also responsible for Jerry Fallwell’s rotund 400 lbs. at his passing πŸ˜‰

  2. Too much porn surfing, man. Get up and stretch. No, not like that — I mean your LEGS.

    * * *

  3. That’s okay – I’m never sure about my height. I thought I was 5’4.75″ for ages, then it seemed as if I were 5’5.75″, according to several medical measurements, and now recent medical measurements peg me back at 5’4.75″. And I’m in my (very) early 40s.

    It was nice being almost 5’6″ while it lasted…

  4. Bah. I think whoever was measuring you did it wrong.

  5. But… did they do it wrong THIS time? or… LAST time? hmmm
    Ya know Jim, I just think you need to ‘hang dry’ rather than going through the dryer. It really does work. πŸ˜‰

  6. Bush did it. If he would have stopped Global Warming and instituted a socialist health care system, this wouldn’t have happened.


  7. I think Bush has authorized dangerous genetically modified compounds to be added to US food supply. The issue is not so much that you lost an inch, Jim, but that somebody else gained an inch. Like I said, the evidence is there, go to Google Earth and look at the South-East corner of Wyoming. Yeah, it looks like trees, but to anybody who has been trained in these things, or is simply insane, it is clearly a Haliburton Compound where all those extra inches are flown in at night in black helicopters, to be added by Nazi scientists (who did not die because they drink from the Holy Grail each morning) to the physical forms of a race of killer giants, who, even now, after just five years of this project, are approaching 30 feet in height and are capable of snapping a WCW Smackdown Champ in half like a toothpick.
    I have to go, the Men in Black are here…

  8. Well, I know for a fact that Jim has hung dry a few times. But, gladly, not lately. Alas, it is I who am hanging dry these days and he’s hanging pretty wet. Luckily I will get to rehydrate this weekend.

    Anyhow, Jimbo, I’m only 5’7″ (last time I checked, anyway), so quit complaining.


    * * *

  9. Felix – HUGE LOL.

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