Posted by: Jim | June 7, 2007

He Puts the “side” in PreSIDEnt

Bush has pledged to veto another bill. This one is to allow for the use of human stem cells, which would otherwise be discarded by fertility clinics, to be used for experimentation. It’s no secret that human stem cell research has allowed significant medical breakthroughs, and will ultimately cure diseases that were previously thought incurable.

Bush will veto this bill claiming, “If this bill were to become law, American taxpayers would for the first time in our history be compelled to support the deliberate destruction of human embryos.” This is a grossly skewed version of reality, meant to rally the Christian right and become today’s “flag burning” or “gay marriage” non-issue that will distract us from the real issues.

This is yet another reason why Bush will go down in history as one of this country’s worst presidents ever. The good news is that Congress might garner enough support to override the veto. For the sake of sufferers of alzhiemers and juvenile diabetes, I hope they do.



  1. Apologies for joining two stories together, but why does Bush’s regard for human life seem to end once you are no longer an embryo?

    Today’s Guardian has a story about the CIA’s secret prisons in Europe. It is hard to believe that this stuff is for real, I truly hope people are not becoming jaded to what is taking place.

    “None of the prisoners had access to the Red Cross and many were subject to what George Bush has called the CIA’s “enhanced” interrogation methods. These included water-boarding which leads detainees to believe they are drowning, which critics have condemned as severe torture.”,,2097935,00.html

  2. On the question of stem cell research, it is appalling that moral objections are factored into the President’s decision-making processes. I don’t know who he is to place religious superstitions in front of the potentially great scientific gains that will emerge from allowing research to take place. The sad fact is that the argument never happens – I would like to see the President personally debating the issue with advocates for people with diseases where stem cell research may bring benefits.

    Instead, those with fringe beliefs are able to bracket this issue with abortion and curtail scientific progress and dent the hopes of those with diseases from the development of better treatments.

    Well, if that is going to happen, and religious people are so opposed to science, we need a reversal in the US – make sure that none of these people and their families receive treatments that arise from embryo research.

  3. Let me complete King’s thought here. Instead of denying outright treatments derived from stem cells because of religious convictions or political stance, (Like the former Soviet Union and Communist China do and did) let’s have an “opt-in” program.

    The doc says you have X disease. He/she says treatment Y will cure you, but it was developed from stem cell research; so you make Z choice.

    Disclosure. That’s all that’s needed.


  4. Not quite all that’s needed, as the moral minority wish first and foremost to legislate for the rest of us. First the bearers of legislative desires based upon their superstitions need to realise there is an effective barrier ie: reasoned debate and a body of scientific knowledge, that takes precedence over their mysticism.

    Why is it not enough for these religious people to allow other people to choose the treatments that arise while they boycott them, whatever, fair enough, vote with your wallet. Instead, society has to conform to their vision.

  5. Oddly enough for a country that was created by those searching for personal freedom, we have continually and consistently attemted to legislate morality. It always causes an uproar, and eventually becomes a moot point as the moral pendulum of society swings in that direction.

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