Posted by: Jim | June 13, 2007

“The Bible Code” Unraveled, or, “The Power of Faith”


I am hearing about this 10 years after the fact. So sue me.

Remember that book “The Bible Code”? After its publication, its author Michael Drosnin said, “When my critics find a message about the assassination of a prime minister encrypted in Moby Dick, I’ll believe them.”

Well, Brendan McKay found them. They are listed here. Drosnin’s response? He was interviewed in 2002 on Crossfire:

DROSNIN: Paul, you can find nonsense anywhere you look for it if what you’re looking for is nonsense. But if you’re looking for the truth, then you to look in the Bible code. It is true that if you take a long enough text, I don’t care if it is “Moby Dick” or the Manhattan telephone directory, you will eventually find encoded President Kennedy with an equal skip sequence. But you will not find in the same place as you will in the Bible in the same skip sequence “will be killed” and “Dallas” encoded in the same place.

“You will certainly not find in advance the assassination of a prime minister as I did. I warned Rabin a year ahead of time. Nor will you find in advance the exact dates of the Gulf War as Dr. Rips (ph) and his colleagues did in Israel before the war started. None of the critics can do that. They can place silly games, but they cannot do what the bible code consistently does, tell us in advance events that actually do happen.”

And no other books where these codes were found used a language that has no vowels.

The point Drosnin is really making is that his readers want to believe in the Bible Code, and no facts, no matter how compelling, can sway a man’s faith, especially when he’s making a lot of money off it.

Drosnin claims to be “just a reporter” “just reporting the facts” but he’s a charlatan making money from rubes.



  1. By a hefty ratio, the Bible Code reveals many past events which have been proven true. You will find no such plethora in any other book. The most commonly asked question is, “Why won’t the Bible Code reveal events that are to come?” Well, it does, we just don’t know what to look for. The key is in knowing what to ask.

    The Bible Code is scientific. Jim, you’re a self-proclaimed scientist, I just think you don’t like the Bible. If it were called The Moby Dick Code, I believe your opinion would differ.

  2. P.S. Rabin’s assassination was known of before the incident occurred. Rabin chose to ignore the warning.

  3. When have I ever proclaimed I was a scientist?

    Please ask the Bible Code when I am going to die so I can avoid it!

  4. Look at the following examples:
    1. The Bible Code reveals something that hasn’t happened yet, and it comes true (i.e. Rabin will be assasinated.) You accept this as a miracle, and believe it was a “Message from God.”
    2. The Bible Code reveals something that hasn’t happened yet, and it does NOT come true (I assure you, these examples can be found.) You would probably say this is simply random chance that these words appear together, and was not a “message from God.”
    3. Moby Dick reveals something that hasn’t happened yet (i.e. the Kennedy assasination, since the book was written long before.) You say this is random chance, and not a “Message from God.”
    4. Let’s say I do a Equidistant Letter Sequence study on Moby Dick and find a message that President Alexander Putin will get crabs from a prostitute and it DOES happen. Would that be a message from God?
    Todd … these are just random words that have been shown to occur in ALL texts–ESPECIALLY Hebrew since there are no vowels! If you bought the book, you are being taken for a ride.

  5. And here I thought Todd’s hilarity had peaked with politics…

  6. Look sheeple, the Bible Code is very obvious in Levchticious 10:7-14

    For all that believe, I am your GOD
    Unto you, I pass this blessing
    Come to me, for I am the King of Worlds
    Know me, and through me, ye shall have peace

    Let the trumpets sound, for GOD is truly King!
    I am GOD! Hear me, and blessed be my children
    Behold the crown of heaven! Ye shall know me!
    Eden is not power! Only GOD is mighty!
    Run not from evil, Smite it! Destroy it!
    Able, son of Adam, was murdered for pride Remember always Kane’s sin against GOD!
    Look not to idols, ye shall only find power in GOD!
    Send to me no sinful man, for I am The Lord GOD!

    Seems pretty clear to me what the Bible way sayin.


  7. […] So … someone thinks that God put a secret message in the Bible prophesying that Obama will be assassinated. What would be the point? Luckily, that internet surfer was taken to my post on the subject here. […]

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