Posted by: Jim | June 14, 2007

While We Were Focusing On Paris Hilton …


China was threatening to declare war on the US.

This, friends, is the 600 pound gorilla. Never in history has one nation descended from world domination without going to war with the nation that was taking its place.

Our nation has lost its mojo because of the utter fool in the White House. Granted, I do not see a meeting with Taiwan as Bush’s mistake, but the vulnerable state of our nation is.



  1. Don’t worry! Jesus will protect us from those godless chicken-feet-eating Commies! Oh wait — I forgot. This is God’s punishment, because we’ve been bad. I KNEW we should have killed all the homos! But wait a minute — God’s already punishing the homos, with AIDS. Ah, but a lot of them are surviving, and trying to get married. THAT’s why God is letting our enemies smite us. But then again, wasn’t Armageddon supposed to be in the Middle East? Dubya better attack Iran pronto, so that we fulfill the prophecies before the slanty-eyed Commies finish us off. Of course, they’re not really Commies at all anymore; they’re actually Ultra-Capitalists. They’re America without all those pesky freedoms and human rights that get in the way of business. We taught them well. And aren’t Asians basically smarter than us anyway? In fact, Dubya’s probably got a secret deal with them, like that guy in Battlestar Galactica who got in bed with the Cylons. He gets his own province, with slaves and everything. Probably Texas. Man, the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!

  2. We should send Paris Hilton to China. No, seriously, I don’t think you can blame one president for China’s rise (see “Our nation has lost its mojo because of the utter fool in the White House.“). We have favored China for years, economically, they procreate to seemingly populate their landmass – it’s not like this happened overnight. On top of that, we’re not the only nation being threatened by China – they are a global threat (see Jim’s boycott of Yahoo! for humanitarian reasons, then see ‘censorship’).

    Our mojo is intact, sir, we’re merely outnumbered. Again, I iterate the need for liberal, sometimes radical views to be balanced with what the rest of the nation is really thinking. If everyone were to assess the state of our nation by what California, or the media in general thinks, we’d all be living in the hills (after we ran for them).

    And the headline you references is more tabloid-like than actual newsworthy, er, news.

    Bri, Timbuk 3 is from Tejas 😉 Nice.

  3. Fair enough. I should have explained that I believe we’ve lost our mojo because we are in a serious slump due to Bush’s folly in Iraq. You are right in that this WAS inevitable, whether we went to Iraq or not. I will concede that point. Damn! 😉

    But regarding how California sees the situation vs. how hilly Colorado/Montana sees the situation, you should balance YOUR views with how the rest of the nation is thinking. You are in the shrinking minority.

    Is China just bluffing for political leverage? I certainly hope so.

  4. Thanks for getting my reference, Toddie. I take back all the nasty things I’ve ever spewed about you. Well, ALMOST all of them.

    And sending Paris to China wouldn’t hurt her; she’d probably start a clothing line and command her own little compound of sweatshops. Or maybe she has already? I don’t keep up on this stuff. No, we should send her to North Korea, where she’d be forced to marry Kim Jong-Il or else be eaten on a bed of kimchee by the starving masses. Of course, the latter doesn’t sound much different than her usual escapades — but who am I to judge?

    * * *

  5. I can’t believe I made it through a Todd comment without disagreeing with him

    Hmmm… What a shock!

    I am planning to relocate to Taiwan in 08, I promise to post here on MOTM the moment the invasion starts!

  6. “50$ a year will buy a lotta beer, things are going great and they’re only getter better, I’m doin alright, getting good grades, the future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades…”

    came out about the same time as the Hilarious song by The Hooters, Satellite, with the mad televangelist promo video.

    Great songs!

  7. kingfelix sez “I can’t believe I made it through a Todd comment without disagreeing with him.” I can’t say the same.

    First he employs the standard conservative tactic of misstating the opposition’s premise, then proceeds to argue against the misstatement. But Jim didn’t blame Bush for China’s ascension to world power, he blamed Bush for our DEscension from same — and he was right.

    Then Todd regurgitates the conservative cliche that California in particular and all liberal views in general are out of step with what “everyone” thinks, even though just about every opinion poll you can find now jibes nicely with exactly what we liberals have been saying all along — that Bush is incompetent, Iraq was a mistake, his administration is corrupt, etc. Todd and his pals and their minority view still think they’re the majority. Hmmm, runs deep in that one, denial does…

    And then the cherry on top is that a guy who gets his news from O’Reilly and the gang at Faux News criticizes a headline as tabloid-like. It was tabloidesque, true, but it’s comical to hear that coming from someone who devours exactly such crap if it has a Fox logo on it.

  8. “If everyone were to assess the state of our nation by what California, or the media in general thinks, we’d all be living in the hills (after we ran for them).”

    Now I get it, that’s why Todd lives in the hills!

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