Posted by: Jim | June 22, 2007

If you outlaw advertising, only outlaws will advertise


Sao Paolo has outlawed all outdoor advertising. It’s an interesting idea. The above photograph is how this law played out.

I can only laugh. 😀



  1. Someday all McD’s signs will look like that. Well, the ones what aren’t melted.

    * * *

  2. Looks like something from Fallout (PC game). If any of you libs are fans of the old Fallout series, 3 is due out next year.

  3. O.K., this is a funny picture. The idea behind this law is to clean up the city. Many say São Paulo is the NYC of Latin America. Or something like a 3rd world version. Anyway, there is a lot of cheap illegal advertising anywhere there is a blank space of cement. So the law is mostly aimed at this. I think they got carried away when they decided to outlaw the billboards etc.

    Perhaps something funnier is that most Americans think that Brazilians speak Spanish. I just saw a another Hollywood movie showing that, again.

  4. At least the said no to relentless mind control through advertisements , yall be suckered

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