Posted by: Jim | June 29, 2007

I’m Blue Blooded

No, not because I lean left, but because I’m directly descended from a passenger of the Mayflower. And not just one, but technically four (maybe more).

Thirteen generations ago, Dameris Hopkins, my ancestor, sailed in 1620 with her father Stephen Hopkins, who was quite a character by reading his Wikipedia entry. Dameris ended up marrying John Cooke, who was also on the Mayflower with his father Francis Cooke.

This make me a very distant cousin of George Walker Bush, which is kinda funny.

This post is kind of a plug for, which is really fun!



  1. Dammit. I really liked you too. But now I can’t hang out with you anymore.


    * * *

  2. Fine. Go to the Happiest Place on Earth by your own damn self on Monday!

  3. Jim

    Have you ever been to Plymouth, England? If you would like a BookArmor supplied picture of the point from which the Mayflower departed, ask, it’d be a pleasure to go snap one for you.

    On a side note, once you go back, we are all blue blooded. For example, most Europeans are descendants of Charlemagne.

    Of course, all religious people are clearly descended from Adam and Eve, who apparently were Caucasian, weird, that.

  4. Grrr, ‘religious people’ was shorthand for Biblethumpers in this instance, apologies.

  5. And also … we are *all* Africans. heheh. 🙂

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