Posted by: Jim | July 11, 2007





  1. Looks like Turkmenistan is the place to be. Be sure to bring your seventy-five-foot Escalade with the ‘Support Our Troops’ magnetic ribbon. I hear the food isn’t so bad, and if you grow a full beard and make your wife wear a Casper The Friendly Ghost costume, you should fit in just fine. The ambience is sorta Pottery Barn meets Cost Plus, only a bit more, um, rustic. Expect the local Learning Annex to offer Whirling Dervish classes rather than the more familiar Pilates. Venezuela’s closer but they might nationalize your vehicle, and that ribbon might get you in hot water with ol’ Hugo. Either way, however, you’re gonna have to learn a new language — because ‘Whah don’ y’all ferners learn ta talk Amurrican’ just ain’t gonna make you any friends at all.

    * * *

  2. I think I will stay here in the US and continue to drive my F250 Diesel where I make a great living and can afford the gas even if it triples in price due to the great economy we enjoy. I will speak English and not worry about learning another language.

    What is interesting I think is I recently considered purchasing a Honda Hybrid. ( Instead I bought a 30′ RV with a huge V10 engine) I happen to employ as my operations manager a very liberal person who decided the hybrid was not such a great deal. Besides costing more money up front he thought the batteries themselves were not enviornment friendly. I did not bother to argue as I love my truck anyway and wanted an RV. Guess I buy a lot of gas.

  3. I take it you’re not a reader of Gibbon. 😉

  4. Turkmenistan just aint the same without Turkmanbashi around.

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