Posted by: Jim | August 3, 2007

God Doesn’t Want You to Have 16 Kids

His name is Jim Bob, natch!

A tip of the surgical mask to Mark Morford for giving me a hearty laugh with his column today.



  1. “…asexual Christian right,”

    Owww, the irony hurts.


  2. Yeah, ‘asexual’ was probably a poor choice of words. I kinda wish they WERE asexual; then they’d have died out a long time ago.

    But c’mon; we all know what he meant. I was raised with that uptight dogmatic moralizing, and the reality is that there’s a significant segment of our wack-ass society that considers sex a necessary evil, for purposes of procreation only.

    I call these people ‘Ickysexuals’. Both for their approach to sex in general (eww, it’s icky), and my gut reaction upon involuntarily visualizing any of them actually doing it. Ick.

    * * *

  3. Gah.


    For the first time ever I’ve thought that steralization needs to be mandated for a non-sexual-criminal type person.

    Frankly, I’m surprised she hasn’t run out of eggs yet.

    (I just looked at the picture again and threw up in my mouth a little.)

  4. There was another interesting thing in this article. The author asked “Where is the counter-balance?” Well that’s simple; it’s in the dumpster behind the Planned Parenthood clinic.

    I expect this sort of thing from a cyber-rag like SF Gate, though. White Mid-Western Christians are the only group left in America that’s acceptable to launch bigoted attacks against in the MSM.


  5. ordgdds, what about “My body, my choice?”


  6. ordgdds, [sic] what about “My body, my choice?”

    I still believe that and I always will. Which is why I said, “For the first time ever I’ve thought that steralization [sic] needs to be mandated for a non-sexual-criminal type person.”

    Doesn’t mean that I’m going to lobby for it. If I felt that strongly about it, I would. However, I do think that, by having so many children, the parents are practicing child abuse and child neglect. Because there is no way those children are getting the attention they need to become emotionally healthy people. Some of those kids are going to get lost in the shuffle, especially if these dimwads have more kids, as they seem to want to.

    I’m one of five surviving children. Not a huge family, but not a small one either. My parents were able to give us attention, but it was a stretch, even with a mother who stayed home to raise us. My mother was one of six children, with several half- and step-siblings. She certainly suffered from lack of attention, despite her father’s best efforts. So I’ve got some idea about what I’m talking about.

    I feel sorry for those kids.

    White Mid-Western Christians are the only group left in America that’s acceptable to launch bigoted attacks against in the MSM.

    Oh please. Give me a fucking break. These are the same sorts of people who won’t rest until the entire US/world believes the same way they do. As a rule, people like this aren’t happy enough with their mini-me Christian Army. The fact that others have different belief systems (or no belief systems) threatens their sense of well-being, so they attack others. So I have NO sympathy for these baby machines and the “bigoted attacks” they’re receiving.

    My boyfriend, who was born and raised in Los Angeles to educated, professional Mexican parents who legally emigrated to the US, still has white people treating him like a peon who’s obviously there (where ever he happens to be, especially if he happens to be somewhere like Beverly Hills) to perform manual labor. The man is a credentialed high school teacher who’s gone to UC Berkley and UC Santa Cruz, is better traveled and better read than I am and can think rings around many people I’ve met, but, by virtue of his brown skin, is treated like crap by all too many white folks. So don’t give me that “oh, the poor oppressed white people” bullshit.

    it’s in the dumpster behind the Planned Parenthood clinic.

    Tommy, my roommate has an excellent view on abortion. He was raised Catholic and is against it, but since he doesn’t possess tubes, he feels he has no right to talk about it.

    Unless you magically get a uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes of your own, you might want to consider taking the same stance. You’ll certainly appear a lot less stupid.

  7. My mother was one of six children, with several half- and step-siblings

    I meant to write, “My mother was one of six children, with several half- and step-siblings as well.”

  8. How long did it take you to write this… eh, response?

    Nobody cares about your boyfriend, and nobody cares what your “roommate” *ahem* thinks about abortion. “V for Vendetta” was a movie, by the way.

    By the way, you’re kinda hot ord… Want to chat sometime? Email me 😉


  9. Ah, I see. Because Tommy and your roommate are men, they shouldn’t voice their opinions about abortion.

    Okay, fair enough, though I hope you follow suite and keep quiet on your opinions about war until you have served in the armed forces, politics, until you have served in office, U.S. cultural standards as compared with other parts of the world, until you have lived in these places.

    Or better yet, until you magically gain the ability to make babies through mitosis, you could let guys voice their opinions on abortion too.

    I might wager a guess that with your view being “If you don’t have a womb, shut up about abortion or you’re stupid” your roommate probably just says what he says to keep from having to discuss it with you.

  10. And only people who have had near-death experiences should talk about the afterlife.

  11. Statistically, at least one of these kids has to be gay, I nominate the little feller in the purple shirt.

  12. Awwww, those poor little mistreated white midwestern Christians. Sniff. Anybody got any Kleenex?

    Anyway, abortion is a much more complex issue than all the monkeys on either side want to spew about. Anybody who’s against abortion should be forced to go hang out in the slums of Rio de Janiero or some other such horrifying place where the Catholic chickens have come home to roost, and anybody who’s PRO abortion should be forced to go watch them being performed for a day.

    It’s a complicated, ugly mess either way. In fact, lots of things are, so everybody get off your oversimplified black-and-white soapboxes and try actually THINKING for a change. That’s what that glutinous mass in your skull is for — you know, the one that evolved the capacity for subtlety and REASON.

    Except for those of you who don’t believe in evolution — y’all can disregard that last part. After all, if you don’t believe in evolution, you must not have experienced it yet.

    * * *

  13. Tommy, I care about my roommate and I care about my boyfriend. A lot of other people care about them and their thoughts, so your statement is patently untrue. Just because your tiny brain can’t conceive that their experiences/opinions have as much, if not far more, validity than yours doesn’t mean it’s correct.

    As for your little quotes around the word roommate, fuck off. And no way in this or any other universe in re: to your last two sentences.

    Ben, you have no idea what I’ve done and haven’t done in my life, so don’t even go there. However, if you are indeed a guy, I’m pretty damned sure you are incapable of getting pregnant, so you have no fucking idea what goes on in a woman’s mind when she may be faced with what is an untenable situation.

    I am PRO-CHOICE. Pure and simple. Frankly, I hope that not a single woman ever feels that she has to have an abortion. I also hope that everyone gets rainbows and lollipops and happy puppies whenever they want . You know what? It ain’t gonna happen.

    FWIW, I don’t believe in abortion for myself – it’s not something I could personally do. I’m just not arrogant enough to think that every other woman has to do follow my beliefs in the matter.

    Ben, as for your assumptions about my roommate, you’re making huge leaps – this is a man who’s not shy about his opinions and he doesn’t shut up for anyone. And would probably verbally rip your head off if he heard you had suggested such a thing.

    Bri is right – NONE of this is black and white. I’m woman enough willing to admit it. Ben and Tommy, you man enough?

  14. Bri: “After all, if you don’t believe in evolution, you must not have experienced it yet.”

    I may quote ya there, Bri. 😉

  15. Bri speaks sense, as he is inclined to do. It’s a mess, this is why the spreading of a moral blanket over an issue that has good and bad aspects, viewed either way, is absurd. I live in a third world Catholic country, Guatemala, where the problems Bri points to, of people in poverty, living in tiny houses with enormous families, is prevalent, and certainly contributes to the sum total of human misery here. While I can appreciate that religious folks may take a stance against abortion (and so may non-religious folks), what I can’t abide is people that preach that contraception is morally wrong. I think Monty Python sent this up best with their “Every sperm is sacred” song in The Meaning of Life.

    Here in the third world, the use of contraception, to curb the size of families and avoid perpetutating social ills, would be a very good thing. I read the Spanish media, curious because they print what the Pope says as if it’s important, and it’s clear that if the Pontiff could undergo a sea change and espouse contraception, it would make a huge difference to the lives of millions of people on this rock (the rights and wrongs of such a situation is another debate). Until the Catholic church takes a lead on this, all the good work it does in countries like Guatemala will be largely undone. Of course, it’s bad for recruitment, so it’s unlikely to happen.

  16. Carol…

    Man enough to what? Sure, I’ll say nothing is black and white. Unfortunately, you missed my point, by a long shot.

    I said nothing about where I stand on abortion except that males do have a right to voice an opinion on it. You decided to stick me on the side that you see fit because I challenged you when you tried to diminish Tommy’s obviously pro-life stance by calling him stupid. (Right, technically you didn’t call him stupid, you said he would sound less stupid if he kept his mouth shut about it…)

    What you have or haven’t done is beside the point too. Saying that you haven’t lived here or there, or done this or that was not meant literally. The topics that I said you could keep quiet about (war, politics, culture) were examples of strong opinions that everyone has, and has a right to have, regardless of their involvement. When you say that Tommy needs to adopt your roommate’s position on abortion (the position that he has no right to talk about it because he is a guy) is just like someone telling me that what I think about the war in Iraq is “stupid” or invalid because I am not serving in the military. I was trying to do this without spelling it out too blatently, apparently I failed.

    My point was, other people can have valid opinions that aren’t stupid just because you don’t share them. Where’s the tolerance? I assure you that I am “indeed a guy” and my views on abortion might suprise you, but I won’t waste my time since they apparently don’t matter.

  17. I just wish we could abort a fetus after it became President.

    * * *

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