Posted by: Jim | August 8, 2007

A Question


Now and then I tune into right-wing radio or even born-again broadcasts. Earlier this week I was listening to a fellow who I later realized was Bill O’Reilly. He was monologing about hate, and how the brand of hate that used to exist is actually the same as the kind of current hate that exists.

To illustrate, he used a clip from the movie Mississippi Burning. The voice was the character Frank Baily played by Michael Rooker.

Bailey:  “…why don’t you get back to your commie, nigger-lovin’ bosses up North? … All I know is we got niggers in this county who ain’t registered to vote yet. And, as far as I’m concerned, they never will. So tell your stiff suits up in Washington, DC, they ain’t gonna change us one bit. Unless it’s over my dead body. Or a lot of dead niggers.”

O’Reilly went on to say that this was an excellent movie and portrayed hate very well, and said that the current hate exhibited by the people at the Daily KOS is basically the same kind of hate.

My question is this: Is O’Reilly is a calculating liar, or completely out of his mind?



  1. Having made following O’Reilly a little part of my routine over the last few years, I would go for the latter, with a little of the former mixed in, according to the phases of the moon (and/or his ratings). How O’Reilly worked out that the stance on the kid who had been missing, kidnapped, for three years, was NOT the victim, but the kidnapper, then kept to justifying this line when the kidnapper was charged with X counts of buggery, well, that smacked of a total lack of judgment and later, integrity.

    Also, you have to look at O’Reilly’s incredible ability to project hostility on to his guests – techniques include shouting at guests, “Don’t shout, please! Don’t shout!” or interrupting with “You are being given your chance to express yourself!” and that such actions are wrapped up in O’Reilly’s assertion of his own fairness, and you see he is a master of cognitive dissonance.

    There is also his ridiculous “War on Christmas” meme.

    Lastly, his development of the rhetorical question (seized on by Colbert), “Why do you hate America so much?” (delivered in a tone of piteous lament) is probably the most lethal 7 words that can escape a human mouth, and this ‘question’ produces the same effect as particularly potent forms of snake venom, fast-acting and causing total paralysis.

    I don’t think O’Reilly believes in the stuff he does one iota, I think he knows which way the wind blows, and that nobody ever went broke by underestimating the intelligence of the average American.

    And for a great laugh, do a search for his phone transcripts of sexual harrassment of production staff!

  2. My answer to you, Jim, is that Bill O’Reilly does not represent the right based solely on this sample. You should listen more regularly to Hannity, and especially Mike Rosen out of Denver KOA, 850 AM). They could both individually kick O’Reilly’s ass with both hands tied behind their backs.

    I was wondering why it took you so long to blog on the Yearly KOS. Hannity and Rosen both commented on it at length Friday and Monday.

  3. Venjanz commented on my “da rules” post, which is what reminded me of O’Reilly. In his comment, he says that O’Reilly doesn’t represent the right any more.

    Whether he represents “the right” or not … one thing is true: he represents insane people. 😉

  4. But does right wing thinking lead to insanity or does insanity lead to right wing thinking. Or is it both? Or are they simply the same?

    The President exemplifies the fundamental quality of those on the right, they have to be RIGHT, come what may. They may have made mistakes, but who knows what those mistakes were, and besides, didn’t Clinton, the Antichrist, make a lot more mistakes? I mean, there’s a Republican currently fighting charges that he offered to pay a black undercover cop $20 to give him a blow job because… wait for it… “He was scared… he didn’t want to become a statistic…” Okay, so when this guy gets scared he offers to blow you, interesting approach, but you get the idea, so much denial of reality, an utter aversion to the plain truth appears to have set in.

    In this sense, the fact that O’Reilly never ever will retract a factual inaccuracy on his show is one of his abiding right wing characteristics.

    Sean Hannity is a piece of work, a truly truly vicious hater who makes O’Reilly look like a Teletubby.

  5. “My answer to you, Jim, is that Bill O’Reilly does not represent the right based solely on this sample.”

    So… he does represent the right, but we should take this sample out of context?

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