Posted by: Jim | August 8, 2007

Not Meat

You won’t read anything on this blog about how Barry Bonds’ record-setting 756th home run is stupid because Bonds is an altered human being. Nope. Not here. Nuh uh.



  1. Then you can also not read about it here.

  2. I’ll be sure not to do that! 😉

  3. I haven’t been to a baseball game since the last strike. These people (da’ players) were acting like garment workers after the Triangle Shirtwaist fire.

    Kudos to Bonds, though. A-Rod will catch him in about 8 years, I think, if he can keep it up.

  4. A decade from now, Bonds will be doing public service announcements about the dangers of steroids, after his liver transplant and while on kidney dialysis — probably not mentioning the part in which his gonads have shrunk to the size of dried peas.


  5. Bri, thanks, that reminds me, gotta get some dried peas…

  6. Pray for whirled peas.

  7. Could Barry Bonds introduce a candy bar now, like the Babe Ruth??? Only, after eating them for two or three weeks you start to get really pumped and have unaccountable violent episodes.

  8. Also, I always thought PayDay was kind of a cruel candy bar name to those people who don’t have a job or have just got fired.

  9. Surprise, the candy bar “Baby Ruth” is actually named after the first (only?) baby born in the White House to Teddy Roosevelt. Later, everyone applied the meaning of the name to the baseball player, which led to another candy bar “Oh Henry” after Hank Aaron.

    Barry Bonds’ candy bar will have to be FDA approved.

  10. What an interesting fact!

    (I am posting this comment just to see my wonderful new Word Press pic one more time, gotta love the purple monster guy!)

  11. LOL … oddly, I see your pic (as well as mine) early on in the comments, but not on the last 6 posts. WTF?

  12. Actually I heard the candy bar is tentatively named “DingleBarry”.

    * * *

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