Posted by: Jim | August 14, 2007

OK … a real apology


When considering the line-up of goons who want to live in the White House in 2009, I hadn’t considered Ron Paul simply because he was Republican. That was stupid and narrow-minded of me.

One of my very liberal friends (who shall remain nameless) mentioned his name to me, and now I’m looking at him as someone I wish the Republicans would take seriously. If I were registered Republican, he’d get my vote in the Primaries. And if the Republicans have the sense to match him up against Obillary, he would get my vote then too.



  1. It takes a lot of rocks to say that…and not many do. I hope you continue researching Paul to really understand his positions on the topics; the spin is fairly thick if you don’t look hard enough.

    Didn’t mean to make this sound like an AA meeting. 🙂

  2. He’s a Texas man. On my recent 12 hour road trip back from Dallas, I heard his name smattered across AM talk radio. I even saw campaign posters and placards in cities with populations lower than the city’s own altitude (Hedley, Memphis, Estelline, Childress).

    I don’t know much about him, but the consensus on the radio was the same as your’s, Jim. Who is this guy, and why do people like him so much?

  3. Paul is, in my opinion, the only candidate on either side who has anything remotely worthwhile to say. I don’t agree with all his positions (regarding abortion, among other things), but at this point in our history what we need is someone to restore the integrity and authority of the Constitution, and he’s the only one talking about doing so.

    Can he win? Probably not. His Libertarian roots are showing, and much of his platform (promising to abolish the Federal Reserve, for example) is way too radical for the status quo to allow. And even if he DID manage to beat the odds and get the job, I’m not naive enough to think he’d get any cooperation from Congress. After all, he wants to bite the hands that feed them, regardless of which partyline they claim to espouse. It’s a nice dream, but even as close to national catastrophe as we are, we’re not close enough yet for the revolution that a guy like Paul represents.

    On the other hand, he could have quite an effect on the overall rhetoric. He may be the Ross Perot of 2008. But less wacky. We shall see…

    * * *

  4. This guy is the Libertarian Jesus hehe. There are a lot of great clips of his speeches and interviews on YouTube if you want to check him out. One of the many things that may hurt him though is that he is the darling of the Truthers.

  5. I’m wondering why he’s not running as an independent. Venjanz, do you suppose that “he is the darling of the Truthers.” might be a piece of the reason?

  6. LOL nice pic. This might explain the Truther business a bit better:

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