Posted by: Jim | August 22, 2007

Is Democracy Dead?


The Agonist has commented on a blurb from Slashdot. He(She?) says some compelling things, such as:

“I find this all very interesting because there are majorities for universal healthcare and for abortion on demand, and have been for ages – yet there has been no action on either of these things. There is a majority for getting out of Iraq yet every nominee who stands a chance of being the President with the exception of Richardson won’t rule out “residual forces” – just as American legislators won’t do what the majority wants, yet there seesm to be this bipartisan consensus for spying on Americans (there was no public outcry for the FISA changes); for torture; for ending habeas corpus; and for internal passports and a computer system which will tell you if you can work or not and which you won’t be able to fully appeal the damages of false positives to the court system (this restriction of the courts right to try cases is becoming more and more common.)

“The only conclusion one can come to anymore is that the US is no longer a functioning democracy. The elites in the country are doing what they want to do no matter what the majority opinion.”

So I ask my readers: do you think your government truly represents your needs? I will answer first, and my answer is complicated.

Yes, it meets the most basic needs for roads, basic infrastructures, basic protections, and general order. However, I do not believe the redistribution of wealth (which is any government’s charter) is equitable. Nor do I believe that legislation truly reflects the will of the majority. I also believe that the Federal Government has accrued far too much power unto itself, dismantled certain safeguards, and effectively destroyed the balance of powers, which paves the way to a totalitarian government. 

I also believe that if a totalitarian government is possible–it already exists. Most Americans are kept blissfully unaware that they no longer have the freedoms and safeguards that they once had. Next year we will be forced to carry around ID papers everywhere we go. Once the states who oppose this measure are squashed by the overpowered Federalis, we might see a hint of our true government. Later, when a Federal State of Emergency is declared because of some 9/11-like event, it might be too late to stop the outcome.



  1. No. But it has cancer.

  2. Well, if the cancer keeps spreading, we’re all gonna end up getting radiation treatments.

    * * *

  3. Democracy has always been a handy system of appearing to serve the people’s needs while an elite in fact serves up public opinion and then pays heed to it. Problem/Reaction/Solution – it’s a thousand or more years old.

    All that’s happening is society is becoming more authoritarian and the middle-classes are being squashed. I think the bigger picture is that there is going to be a lot of potential social unrest when the resource wars cause a pinch in supply and the bubble that suburbanites live in gets popped. And this is why terrorism is a handy way of implementing laws and procedures that will finally be rolled out to John Q Citizen.

    There was a story on DKos with a link to a news report about how Clergy Response Teams went in after Katrina to push a message of compliance with the authorities couched in the scriptures, specifically some passage from Romans that they interpret as meaning that the government is a manifestation of God’s will.

  4. Actually, you have to see this embedded video, because the program is linked with the potential imposition of martial law in the US. This really does appear to be dynamite.

  5. The final warning will be when they come for our guns. As long as we are armed, there is always the option of revolt, which was the purpose of the 2nd Amendment. The Founding Fathers (sorry, the slave-owning white men *sigh*) knew that a powerful federal government, in whatever form, would would try to take away the freedoms that they fought so hard to win, so they added the right to bear arms because they were “necessary to the security of a free State”. Smart men.

  6. I think you are right Venjanz: that would be the day of reckoning. But check out the video that KingFelix linked in his comment above. That was the first thing that happened when Katrina hit New Orleans–they took all the registered guns away. The video has a rather sinister implication.

  7. Jim, yes, I neglected to mention that line. I wonder how the guns were confiscated and by what agency/ies and with what authority.


    Here is an article on what happened to kick things off. It’s from that well-known source of anti-Dubya liberal views – Guns & Ammo

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