Posted by: Jim | August 29, 2007

Hatred Worth Paying For …

I’ve noticed something very curious. When I have a YouTube image posted, like I do in the below post, and you hover over the link, it frequently says a related story is “Nigger.” You click on the link and you get a Snap search for the word. Great.

The fact is, only about 6 different topics show up as “related stories” no matter what the story is. “Sears” is apparently related to everything, as is “Daily KOS,” “Habeas Corpus” and “Impeach Bush.”

Apparently you can get your story related to pretty much everything, just by paying YouTube. Some bozo wants to keep the “n-word” alive so much he paid to advertise it.

We live in a weird world ….



  1. That wacky Dave Chappelle is at it again…

    * * *

  2. Expect ‘sheenie’ and ‘raghead’ to be added in due course. Maybe it is a crackpot team of ultra-right wing web developers working on this stuff.

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