Posted by: Jim | August 30, 2007

The Discovery of Heaven

(Apologies to Harry Mulisch for stealing the title from his fantastic book.)A blog by a group purporting to espouse “Christian Hedonism” (a concept rife with equal amounts of contradiction and hilarity), is laying claim to a huge blank spot in the universe.

Scientists are puzzled by the huge blank spot, where no black holes, stray stars, or even dark matter exists. They are theorizing that this is a less dense area of the universe, and other, denser parts (with higher gravity) have literally sucks all the matter out of that spot. Sounds reasonable to me.

But not to Dr. Sam Storms. (Pseudonym? You be the judge). Here’s what Dr. Sam says:

“… I’ve got some even greater and more exhilarating news for these astronomers and scientists. They’re wrong! God’s there! This “place in space” may lack for stars and black holes and galaxies and all other forms of matter but the only thing that ultimately matters is wholly and powerfully and personally present in all his glory: God! He not only fills the universe he made, but transcends it. He is everywhere in it, through it, and beyond it.”

I’m guessing that part of Dr. Sam’s hedonistic lifestyle has included too many viewings of “Star Wars,” as his description of God sounds curiously like The Force.



  1. LOL I’m a total news junkie and I missed reading this explanation completely. It reminded me of this:



    * * *

  3. (HAH Hi, Brian! It’s Camille.)
    … If all readers and believers of the Quran actually think that it’s view is correct, I would be very, very worried.

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