Posted by: Jim | September 6, 2007

Myths of Mass Destruction

This is not a topic I intended to revisit–ever. But a new story reveals, as the Salon title puts it, that “President Bush did not give a fuck about intelligence.”

President Bush apparently ignored a 2002 Oval Office briefing in which CIA director George Tenet provided the president with intelligence that Saddam Hussein did not possess weapons of mass destruction”

The article goes on to describe a lot more. This is mere confirmation of what most people believe. Yet, a minority of people persist who believe that Saddam Hussein did have WMDs. Another article I read yesterday may explain why:

“When University of Michigan social psychologist Norbert Schwarz had volunteers read the CDC flier, however, he found that within 30 minutes, older people misremembered 28 percent of the false statements as true. Three days later, they remembered 40 percent of the myths as factual.”

This means that if you tell 100 people “Jim Etchison is not a member of the Tri-Lateral Commission,” then 3 days later, 40 people will believe that Jim Etchison is a member of the Tri-Lateral Commission.  Likewise, if we tell people “Saddam Hussein was not involved in 9/11,” then … well … you know the rest.

So I would like all you women out there to know that I do not have an 11-inch penis.



  1. Such a penetrating wit you have, my friend.

    * * *

  2. I would like everybody to know that not only does Jim not have an 11 inch penis but he also does not have any kind of nasty infection of that penis.

  3. ROFL

  4. Yeah … I gotta say that one was pretty funny KingFelix. LOL

  5. Felix, if you keep posting about penises we are all going to suspect that you are secretly Larry Craig.


    * * *

  6. I don’t know why he doesn’t realise that being a Republican is way more shameful than being gay. After all, joining the GOP is definitely a ‘lifestyle choice’…

  7. The other thing that confuses me is a Republican Senator using a stall, I thought they saved all their shit for the American people.

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