Posted by: Jim | September 11, 2007

… Because Everything Should Taste Like Bacon

Brian’s e-mail to Jim: “Um, yeah.”Jim’s reply: “I love bacon! I want some!”

Brian’s reply: “Yeah i like bacon too. But when I want some bacon, I just make…bacon. 
  ‘Hey honey! come here a minute.’
  ‘What are you sprinkling on me?’
  ‘It’s nothing; don’t worry about it.'”

Jim’s reply: “Yeah yeah, but why make bacon when you can make CORN ON THE COB and make IT taste like bacon!”

Brian’s reply: “Better yet; sprinkle it on dog food and save yourself a whole lotta money. ‘Cuz kids won’t know it’s not bacon!'”



  1. I love the testimonial from Sean R.

    “I’ll put this on everything.”

    On his ice cream, on his bald patch, on his gf’s hoo-ha…

    good for you Sean R.

  2. Jim, this post might be worth a follow-up on addictive sauces/salsas etc.

    For instance, at the Memphis Blues Cafe the sauce they put on the ribs is so good they ration it to customers.

    And in Costa Rica there’s a popular spicy sauce you can buy that causes mayhem to the vital organs BUT tastes absolutely incredible – to the point where it feels basically like an addiction. I had ONE bag of it in the apartment and the simple thought of that bag was driving me nuts. I had to keep getting up and going and getting a spot. And when the bag was ‘finished’, I had to cut open the bag like a junkie and scrape whatever was left of this magic sauce out.

    I hope they never run out of this sauce in CR or it will be time for fighting in the streets!

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