Posted by: Jim | September 14, 2007

I Agree …

With a right-wing Christian Radio Talkshow host. Go Figure:

“Insanity, seditious complicity, or a planned provocation to induce horrific terror attacks. I can’t think of any other explanation for the ludicrous decision.” That’s the conclusion exclaimed by Christian radio talk show host Rick Wiles who is outraged over the United States Air Combat Command’s announcement that it will stand down on Friday, September 14.

Wiles, host of the Trunews radio program, is referring to the announcement by the U.S. Air Force that the entire Air Combat Command will stand down for a day following the incident involving the B-52 bomber that transported nuclear-armed missiles without the crew’s knowledge.

Another thing that puzzles the talk show host is why the Air Combat Command publicly announced the stand down. “First, the decision to stand down defies logic and common sense. Even worse, the decision to tell the whole world is more bizarre,” stated Wiles. Wiles also questions why the training isn’t staggered over several weeks so all of the command’s air bases aren’t shut down simultaneously.

Hopefully today will be uneventful. I just find it pretty odd …



  1. Well jeepers, does this right-wing Christian radio talk show host make any reference to the coincidental fact that the country is run by evil psycho wingnuts who have hijacked his party, most likely with his full complicity?

    Surely if even a right-wing gasbag can see the mad idiocy of such a move, he can then retroactively connect the dots and see the mad idiocy that has pretty much defined this administration, no?

    * * *

  2. There was a story connecting the dots on this, namely that the air bases involved, one of them supplies the effort in the Middle East, so this was potentially the military’s way of signalling to the outside world that a nuclear strike on Iran is on the cards. As air force people have pointed out, the procedures are such that it is extremely unlikely that this ‘accident’ was an accident at all.

  3. As a beer-guzzling, wife-beating inbred trailer-park denizen and lifelong KKK and Nazi party member who thinks that the United States should use their Nuclear weapons to convert the world to Christianity (just saving yall the time), I should point out that chances of the US actually using an atomic weapon on Iran without them using one first are so remote that in playing Powerball, you would be more likely to win the jackpot twice (Approx 19.6*10^15:1).

    I have to go now. Wing Commander Cheney has summoned me for a meeting aboard the NeoCon Space Station, and I have to take the 5:15am Rightwing shuttle to meet Der Unterfurher Rove and Oberstrumfurher Murdoch. Cheers.


  4. Well, that’s what YOU think, and look at YOU!

  5. War with Iran is not so far-fetched:

  6. Nevermind — It’s never too late for Anarchy. V for Vendetta taught me that. 🙂

  7. It seems to me that everything is causing everybody at this point to think twice about some stuff … but are we too late, dad?

  8. Gotta give the kids hope, dad. Even if there isn’t any.

    * * *

  9. Let me put it this way, daughter.

    Soylent Greeen is PEEEPLE!

  10. Way to go, dad. Give the kid nightmares. And I don’t mean about the impending demise of us all; I mean about Charlton Heston. Jesus, I thought you were a good father but evidently I was wrong.


    * * *

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