Posted by: Jim | September 26, 2007

Science Does it Again


The look on Jack Werren’s face says it all.

This article explains Jack and his team have made some new and startling discoveries that will interrupt the stasis of even the most self-satisfied evolutionist.

Our genes are not sacred anymore, folks. They are passed back and forth between species via hosts as unwitting as bacteria. Some bacteria’s genomes have developed the unique ability to lodge themselves inside the genome of another species. When this happens, presumably, the new parasitic genomes actually change the way the host functions. Sometimes the change is good … sometimes the change is bad.

In either case, this is a startling discovery that will allow another great leap forward for genetic research. 

Furthermore, scientists will have to admit that there is ambiguity in where to draw the line where one species starts and another one begins. This also goes a long way to explaining what all that “junk DNA” is.

The implications are Jungian.

All I can say is WOW!



  1. I don’t think there are any ‘self-satisfied evolutionists.’ Any evolutionary scientist will tell you that the field, like all sciences, changes constantly with new discoveries and revisions of prior conventional wisdom. The one thing they all agree on is that evolution happens; but every single one of them will tell you that we don’t know exactly how, and that every explanation, from Natural Selection forward, has been incomplete. Creationists, of course, who are ALWAYS self-satisfied, tend to seize on this ambiguity to denounce the ‘theory’ of evolution in its entirety, using the strange logic that if some of it can’t yet be explained, then the whole concept is a fallacy. Which is of course absurd, especially in light of the creationists’ own fanciful belief system, which they desperately want to put on an equal footing with Science.

    This new discovery only further enhances evolutionary thought, by explaining — with scientifically reproducible evidence — how one species can merge with another and create something new, all without the hand of some mystical creator. Thus the need for any ‘missing link’ to appear is rendered even more obsolete than those of us who actually read about this stuff already knew that it was.

    If anyone is ‘self-satisfied’, it would be creationists, for whom these new findings will mean absolutely nothing, since they will dismiss them as they do ALL evidence that their infantile worldview is most assuredly wrong. THEIR continued ‘stasis’ is, unfortunately, a foregone conclusion.

    * * *

  2. I think there are self-satisfied evolutionists, and they do try to tell you *exactly* how it has happened. When reading books on evolution, some evolutionists have frustrated me because they did not emphasize that not all of the questions have been answered. They simply ignored them or discount them, even though to my mind there were still burning questions (mostly, the junk DNA problem). This discovery has not only justified my own lack of satisfaction with theories such as Dawkins’ “Geographic separation,” but starts to fill in some of the blanks. And, like every answer, it poses even more questions. 🙂 The point I’m trying to make is that the craft of science never stops. I agree with you that MOST evolutionists have never stopped. But some present evolution as if it has been a complete package, and to me it was not.

    Evolution is a fact, and I can defend that statement. We still can’t say 100% how it has happened, but it has. Creationists will not be moved from their premise by this discovery. They are willfully ignorant and not part of the discussion as far as I’m concerned. 🙂

    I hadn’t even thought about your “missing link” idea–that’s another question that this helps answer.

  3. Fair enough. There are dogmatists in every field. But in Science they tend to be in the minority. The nature of experimentation (and its tendency to fail much more often than succeed) has a humbling affect. Unlike ‘faith’ which usually makes people stupid and arrogant and blind to new information.

    But anyway.

    * * *

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