Posted by: Jim | October 19, 2007

Perfectly Said

Something I’ve not said on this blog, but have been meaning to, has now been said extremely well by someone else. I would like to quote Brilliant at Breakfast, which I read first at Crone Speaks. She addresses the issue of the majority party of Democrats doing absolutely nothing to maintain the momentum of voter revolt that occured in November of 2006: 

It’s getting depressingly familiar, isn’t it, this refrain of “We don’t have the votes”? If the end result is going to be the same, why not at least go down fighting for what you believe in, rather than be active participants in the President’s lawlessness?

Exactly! Thank you!

On election night–almost a year ago–I was home alone, and actually danced alone in my living room (with no music playing) and cried tears of joy. I hardly ever cry, especially out of joy. But I’ll tell you what, those tears that night were wasted. That dance was stupid, because the Democrats have taken the road of political expedience. Rather than risk their own careers by introducing legislation that will not win, and probably piss off a lot of important people, they are playing the game and in so doing, allowing the current regime dismantle the Constitution. They could be fighting tooth and claw to restore our liberties, sure, they might lose the fight but ultimately they would help win the war, because while losing they would be shining the spotlight where it doesn’t usually shine. But instead, they’re colluding with the corrupt, winking and hand-shaking their way down the path of destruction.

They could have been heroes, but turned out to be pussies.

Either way, it’s not about Republicans v. Democrats anymore. It’s about “The Government” v. “The People.”

I may register as a Republican because they have the only candidate who is showing any spine.



  1. Surely you jest!

    I do not jest, and don’t call me Shirley.

  2. I’m doing the same, man. Ron Paul is our only hope.

    * * *

  3. Both the left an the right call us Paul supporters kooks, nuts, whatever. I have given over $500 to support his run this year, and even if he doesn’t get the ‘Pub nomination, it’s some of the best money I have ever spent.


  4. Rob Paul strikes me as the John Anderson of this upcoming election. I recall driving back to Colorado from Dallas in May, seeing Ron Paul presidential placards stuck in the grass along highway 287. Trouble is, 287, except for Wichita Falls and Amarillo, is merely smattering of townships with a population of no more than 700 people. I see his campaign running the same course as Anderson’s. Just no popular appeal whatsoever.

  5. er, RON Paul.

  6. Jim, please post a recreation of yourself dancing for joy, while crying, sans music – this could be the viral video sensation of the year!

    I just worry about a man with two first names, talk about a flip-flopper, is he Ron when everybody likes him and Paul when it all screws up. Is he related to Elton John? George Michael?

    Apart from that, I am broadly in agreement, I would support any President that will protect the rule of law (rather than pay it lipservice) and decrease spending at The Pentagon and stop the corporate gravy train in Iraq (as until the corporations stop making money, on we go – see HRC getting in all the defense donations now, as well as buddying up to slimeball Drudge).

    That’s the platform I’d dig $ out of my pocket to support.

  7. Don’t take this personally, Todd, but from our ‘interactions’ I have ascertained that you believed (and may STILL believe) the following:

    1) George Bush is a great president
    2) Invading Iraq was a good idea
    3) Staying in Iraq is a good idea
    4) Everything is fine; the economy is fine; etc
    5) Trading civil rights for the illusion of security is a good idea

    So since you appear to be 0 for 5, I’m absolutely thrilled to hear you say the words “Just no popular appeal whatsoever” about Ron Paul. It just confirms for me that I’m on the right track. Again.


    * * *

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