Posted by: Jim | October 25, 2007

The Case for States’ Rights

A really great article in “The Smirking Chimp” is proposing something that casts a profound light on the potential of our country.

First of all, for Bush Supporters, please don’t discount the ideas because of the source. The Smirking Chimp is obviously politically biased, but the ideas in this article transcend partisanship.

When the US was originally formed, the Constitution outlined 13 powers that should be granted to the federal government in order to preserve and protect the union of states. IF we had stayed true to those principles, I believe the U.S., and the world, would be in a far better place because we would have 50 continuous experiments, instead of just one.

The article suggests a “Skunkworks” be created by a small set of states, but honestly, any single state has the resources and brain-power required to face some of the challenges he proposes. If it were up to each state to solve the healthcare crisis, the envronmental crisis, the energy crisis, the immigration crisis, the political crisis, and the security crisis, then some of those states would have inevitably come up with the “best of 50” model. Granted, that model might work in only that state, but imagine how much smarter the other 49 states (and the world) would be.

Just food for thought. Those Constitution framers were bright guys …



  1. I like the idea, personally. I can take issue with many claims made in the article, but that would just be a useless exercise in rehashing old talking points. I must say that claims about “capitalist” China’s “successes” are ridicules, however.

    Anyway, I’m all for it- now how do we sell this one? This one may sell it’s self, me thinks. It’s not as if there is no precedent for this sort of thing around the world and throughout history.


  2. Secession! It was a good idea then, and it’s a good idea now.

    After all, if we’d let the South secede, they’d be a harmless Third World country today. Eventually the slaves would have managed to organize and revolt, killing off most of the landowning whites and leaving just the ignorant poor ones, ruled by the educated former slaves who’d fled to the North and later returned. But in ruling over newly ex-slave gangs and scared, angry rednecks, they’d have found themselves in pretty much a permanent state of chaos that would look a lot like the typical African nation today. And then Mexico would have invaded them, which means that today you’d be able to get a decent burrito in Georgia. By now we’d all be friends, thanks to the tourism industry and the fact that the US likely wouldn’t be the belligerent oligarchy it is now.

    Meanwhile, in letting go of the South, we would have rid ourselves of a large percentage of the specific electoral votes that got us into the mess we find ourselves in today. We’d likely have gotten all our left vs. right turmoil over with a hundred years ago, and we’d look perhaps more like a modern Scandinavian country today. Peaceful but strong, with a highly educated populace and a high standard of living. So high that we could help our Southern cousins (now called Mexarkana) gently into the 21st century with a massive Peace Corps kind of campaign.

    And, best of all, I wouldn’t have to listen to annoying gangsta rap everywhere I go.


    * * *

  3. Bri, don’t dis gangsta rap- it made this country what it is today. I have a gangsta rap collection that would make Suge Knight envious, and look how I turned out.

    -Supaflash Twintriksta Daddy Mike Tommy

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