Posted by: Jim | October 25, 2007

The Final Word on Plame


Valerie Plame has a book out. I have only one word: finally!

OK, I have more than one word. Did she wait until just before an election year to have her final word in the little snit that occured between her and the Bush Administration? If so, bravo.

I heard her being interviewed on XMPR this morning, and her story is going to be quite compelling. Combined with the fact that she’s got the kind of “look” that even the thickest Americans will listen to, this might be quite a damning polemic for the NeoCons. The blind optimist in me hopes that this is the damning polemic that will put an end to them.



  1. Well, my friend, I can’t say that I share your optimism (but then, what else is new, right?). The sort of folks who would pay attention to what she says just because she’s a good-looking blonde, are the same folks who are likely to not take her seriously…BECAUSE SHE’S A GOOD-LOOKING BLONDE. They’re more likely to be saying “I’d hit that, even though she hates America. Get me a beer, woman.”

    Anyway, they listen to Ann Coulter — and SHE looks like a partially shaved horse with the flu. Well actually, now that I think about it, I owe an apology to all the horse-lovers out there. At any rate, she looks pretty much exactly like the crap that spews from her sphincter-like mouth. But the Neoconvicts LOVE her, despite the risk of turning to stone from an absent-minded glance into her empty reptilian eyes.

    Anyway, I hope the book is a best-seller, and I really AM overjoyed at its release; it can only be a positive thing — but anyone who’s not already convinced that the ‘cons are evil and are destroying us, isn’t going to suddenly have an epiphany just because of a tell-all book by a former insider. There are already plenty of those. Besides, don’t you know that Neos don’t read? Hell, most of them have never even read the book they keep smacking us in the head with — you know, the one that their Almighty Gawd supposedly wrote…

    And the rest of us, well, we already know what’s up, but we’re all afraid of getting black-bagged. After all, we did what we could do — we voted in a new Congress that turned out to be the same old Congress. Even if the Neocons are through, their agenda lives on with the Democons. Hillary is just Bush with a…bush. What are you supposed to do when you put up the bat signal, so Batman shows up…and gives The Joker a rimjob?

    I’m giving it one more shot next year. If Ron Paul doesn’t win, I’m moving somewhere tropical — which, at the rate we’re going with the whole climate change issue, will be Scandinavia.

    * * *

  2. I should have put a “winkie” at the end of my optimistic client, because I’m smart enough to know better. 😉

    Brian, you need more colloquialisms in your comments!

    ; ) ; P

  3. Most wingnuts are still insisting she was not covert, so I hold out no hope that it will change any minds over there. Besides, how can you change the mind of somebody incapable of thinking? Only through surgical intervention.

    Good for Plame, though, I’ve been following the articles surrounding the publication. I might have to get an E-reader version of this, as I am keen to see what she has to say.

  4. By rights, Scooter Libby should’ve been reading her book from his prison cell.

  5. ‘Scooter’ wouldn’t have time to read in his cell. He’d be the Belle of the Big House, doin’ the Larry Craig Wide-Stance Altarboy Dance.

    * * *

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