Posted by: Jim | October 30, 2007

Craig’s List Doesn’t Kill People

People kill people.

And yet, the above linked killing is being called the “Craig’s List Killing” by news reporters.

If the killer had placed an ad in the NY Times instead of Craig’s List, would it have been called the “NY Times Killing”?

If she drove a Chevrolet to her assailant’s house, would it have been called the “Chevrolet Killing?”

What is it about technology that makes people want to blame it for the wrongdoings of evil people?  Are they implying that if this sick bastard hadn’t have had access to Craig’s List, he would have never thought to kill this poor unsuspecting girl?

It’s the pinnacle of stupidity.

It really surprises me, sometimes, that humanity has survived this long.



  1. As a cautionary tale about responding to privately placed internet Ads, this may have merit.

    But you are right, Jim. It’s a frustratingly dumb way of describing these incidents by referencing the Internet as if it is the cause of such behaviour. All changing technology does is provide new outlets for social and anti-social behaviour, and I have often wondered, for instance, what obscene phone callers did before the telephone was invented (obscene telegraphs? obscene Morse Code messages?)

    The Internet is being used here in the same way Heavy Metal or ‘video nasties’ or Hip-Hop or violent video games were used / are used, as some kind of way to explain why people do things. Then again, what can you expect from journalists? Each time I read a story that I have in-depth knowledge of, I always find a litany of factual errors, so this is no surprise. I suppose Death by Email makes for a more sensational story is all.

  2. Not only is it surprising (as Jim says) that humanity has survived this long, but it’s even more surprising, considering the overwhelming majority of scary-ass women I’ve met on Craigslist, that I’VE survived this long.

    But I don’t blame Craig. Leave Craig alone. He’s a human being! Just leave him alone!

    * * *

  3. I suppose they have a feedback mechanism like Ebay, so you can look on a ad poster’s profile and see comments like –

    “Talked endlessly about cutting off my breasts, something of a turn-off. Bathroom was covered in blood. Makes a good chow mein…”
    “My friend visited his house six months ago, haven’t heard from her since…”
    “I sent the wife there on a fool’s errand, sweet as!”

    and so on

  4. Hey Felix, how did you know about the blood and the chow mein?? I never told anyone!

    * * *

  5. Humans have trouble understanding random events, and have the need to find meaning in things. That’s how we got organized religion, astrology, etc., and now science.

    This is also why people like Jack Thompson continue to make the occasional headline.


  6. I think people are just scared.. of what they’ve created. It has life now, and it’s like a mechanism that acts out the good and evil in men. Only, the men feel like it’s the evil that’s more prominent, when the opposite is true as usual.

    They don’t understand that this is one of our greatest inventions to date – something that will eventually save us all. Even if 80% of it’s porn, it will save us all. Yep.

    Haha. I liked where you filed this post under. Good choice!

  7. you know, you should blog about last saturday when i was accused of shop-lifting .. 😀 talk to mom about it.

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