Posted by: Jim | November 2, 2007



Would you put your legal fate into this man’s hands? George W. Bush wants you to.

He doesn’t have enough decency to say that waterboarding is torture.

Two Democrats are okay with him, virtually guaranteeing his ascendancy. Dianne Feinstein says she’s going to vote for him because he’s not Alberto Gonzales. 

My cat, Frida, who has a urinary tract infection, is also not Alberto Gonzales. She might pee a little on the floor of the Halls of Justice, but she would know that waterboarding is torture.

Thanks Dianne. Thanks for fighting the good fight, and securing our liberty by voting in an aspiring Himmler to the highest legal office of the land.  You just lost my vote, and probably a lot more than that. 



  1. LOL love the tag. In related news, the Democrat controlled House has approved H.R. 1955-

    The language in this is way to broad. Example:

    VIOLENT RADICALIZATION- The term `violent radicalization’ means the process of adopting or promoting an extremist belief system for the purpose of facilitating ideologically based violence to advance political, religious, or social change.

    The key word here is ‘facilitating’. Think about it.


  2. Yehehehe – Harry Reid too. Is it possible that maybe they are in a position to know something you do not? Is it possible that this might just be a good decision? You guys are so violent in your opposition to Bush decisions in general that I think you jerk your knee into your eye before having a solid chance of evaluating anything. At least, that’s how it looks from the outside. Heck, you guys don’t even like people from your own side of the aisle!

  3. I’m basing my “knee jerk” reaction on some basic facts:
    1. Mukasey doesn’t want to say that waterboarding is torture. and
    2. He is going to be the man who determines how this country will mete out justice.

    I can’t think of any better, more logical reason to be against his appointment.

    But with regard to your suggestion that “they might know something we don’t” let’s apply Occam’s Razor.

    Which is more likely:
    1. That our government is going the way that every single world power has in the past–at least in the last 2000 years. That is, toward the elimination of liberties and to a controlling, dictatorial model of government. That Torture is now a common practice, as has been the practice of every other world power in the last 2000 years. And that liberty and justice for all are merely words that are meant to soothe the majority of Americans, while in fact they no longer exist.
    2. That Liberty and Justice DO exist, but that there’s some big secret that only all the Senators, Representatives, and high government officials know (about 1000 people). Those are the ONLY people who know this big secret, and they are all good, kind, warm, gentle people who really do have the best interests of the American people in mind, and are torturing only really really bad people and getting a lot of good information that keeps the rest of us American’s safe–from what we do not know, and they cannot tell us because it’s a big secret–even though this has never ever happened in human history.

    Which is more likely? According to Occam’s Razor, I must believe in option 1. Option 2. is totally preposterous.

  4. There is no ‘aisle’, Toddo. And these people aren’t on ‘my’ side. I had hoped that they were maybe slightly less corrupt and slimy than the ‘cons and would at least try to reverse the disastrous course we’re on, but alas, they are all bought and paid for by the same machine. I was wrong, not in my opposition to the status quo, but in thinking that the so-called Dems weren’t completely owned by it. I was wrong in thinking there was anyone in power on OUR (that’s mine AND yours, as PEOPLE) side.

    Like I’ve said before, just because you want to stay blindly devoted to the power structure that, in your naivete, you THINK loves and cares for you, doesn’t mean they aren’t laughing their corrupt asses off at your support. You will see.

    * * *

  5. dear.

    we are secluded.

    and wtf? “You guys don’t even like people from your own side of the aisle”?

    .. .

    This isn’t organized religion. This is politics.

  6. Option 2 made me laugh. Thanks, Jim. 🙂

  7. There’s only one thing left to do. IF we still have an election, IF Emperor Oilface doesn’t suspend it and declare martial law and start World War 3 like keeps implying he might, VOTE FOR RON PAUL.

    * * *

  8. Good Lord. He looks like my lecherous uncle with the cigar breath and the wandering hands.

  9. LOL.. I came across this looking for a funny read =)

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