Posted by: Jim | November 11, 2007

Bush Places Terrorism Over Democracy

Sunday news is sometimes the most telling. Today I’m reading something that even my Bush-hardened senses can barely believe.

Musharraf recently declared Martial Law in Pakistan in order to “fight terrorism.” Then Musharraf turned off all independent media outlets, and threw all his opponents in Jail.

Bush said Saturday that he supported Musharraf because “we share a common goal” in the fight against Al Qaeda.

The day after Bush said that, Musharraf said his rule may last indefinitely. Which means it WILL last indefinitely. Musharraf’s reasons are nothing short of Orwellian. Here’s what he’s said about making himself dictator:

1. He did it to save the democratic process
2. He did it too reinforce the war on terror
3. He has no ego to or personal ambitions.
4. He did not violate the Constitution, which he had just abolished.
5. He would ensure absolute, fair, and transparent elections. (Of his Parlaiment.)

Fair elections. This is after the 11 judges who were disposed to deposing him were ousted, and a fresh set of Musharraf-friendly judges put in to replace them. Then he has the audacity to say there will be fair elections?

I wonder who believes him? President Bush says he does.  The time to be afraid of our own “elected” leadership is now.


  1. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

    Look for similar behavior from Busharraf, coming soon to a military base and/or police station near you.

    It’s been fun, kids. I’ve enjoyed my stint in this Experiment in Individual Liberty. Too much, in fact. I will miss it.

    Winston Smith

    * * *

  2. Naw it won’t be that bad. We’ll still have national sports, excellent television and computer games to occupy our minds. We won’t live in grey, bombed-out husks like they do in 1984. Life will be fine.

    Except for those who get black hoods put over their heads. But … I’m sure they’ll deserve it.

  3. Hmm.

    Maybe we can sell out our brothers and sisters and get consultancy roles helping to perfect the mistreatment of free thinkers.

  4. The best solution would be to create The Matrix and drop GWB / Cheney and the rest into it and let them think they are still fighting to control the world.

  5. … Bush believes him, m?

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