Posted by: Jim | November 16, 2007

Hero of the Day


And the award goes to … Cambodian Rindy Sam. A lovely woman who defaced a painting in Avignon, France by kissing it and staining it with her lipstick.

The painting she “defaced” was an all-white canvas … part of a triptych by Cy Twombly. I will recreate it for you here:







Isn’t it lovely? Now add a little lipstick stain and viola’! You now have art.

I don’t care about anyone who treats this all-white painting with sanctity. I think what she did was hilarious and awesome. Banksy should be jealous.



  1. There was a report in a UK broadsheet that faithfully reproduced the story that Banksy’s real name is, wait for it, Robin Banks.

    The writer of that piece clearly opted for the full lobotomy.

  2. Haha! Someone doesn’t get it …

  3. I see both sides. I once had an argument with an artist about ‘What is art?” I lost. Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. I agree with you 100% on this, but let’s say you authored a book, and at your book signing someone walked up to your table and pissed on your book? How would you feel?

    I have a gross of plain, white paper in my printer right now – 144 sheets of ‘art,’ but put that on display and it changes the context. For better or worse, I do not know.

  4. Hell with the art… I love them there Mongoloid women.

  5. I should have taken advantage of the situation and mentioned this when my art teacher was talking about this two days ago …

  6. This is what should be in the news, next to those Cheney Impeachment adverts.

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