Posted by: Jim | November 26, 2007

The Coens Do It Again


I don’t very often write about movies, but I just saw “No Country For Old Men” and I have to say, this has confirmed the Coen Brothers’ reputation as a team who consistently makes great movies. After “Raising Arizona,” “Fargo,” “The Big Lebowski” and “Oh Brother Where Art Thou,” and a few others that I consider good but not great, “No Country” will be the fifth movie by the Coens that I would consider nothing short of spectacular.

Of special Note is Javier Bardem, a Spanish actor whom I last saw in “Before Night Falls.” He was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as a Gay Cuban poet in that movie, and I predict he will be nominated for this completely different role of a cold-blooded killer as well. I would consider Anton Chigurh, the role Bardem plays in “No Country,” as one of the most fearsome bad guys of all time.

I also predict that “No Country” will recieve a “Best Film” nomination.

The squeamish should take caution. This film has no small amount of violence.


  1. Ah, thanks for the recommend, will torrent.

    Didn’t Coen brothers do the remake of The Ladykillers?

    Awful stuff, I figured they’d lost it after that, so this eulogy for their latest comes as a surprise.

  2. They did redo The Ladykillers and it was not stellar, although I wouldn’t classify it as “awful.” 😉

  3. If you were English, you’d agree with me 😉

    Imagine a UK remake of an old American favo(u)rite like It’s a Wonderful Life and then you will have an idea…

  4. Hmm… guess I’ll check out the movie since you recommend it. I read the book but was disappointed. In my opinion it was just so-so.

  5. Actually I would LOVE to see a UK remake of ‘Wonderful Life’. It couldn’t possibly be as smarmy as the original. Frank Capra is almost singlehandedly responsible for the hopelessly cheeseball fantasy world that Republicans model as the ‘good old days’ to which they long to return us all…

    And Michael Palin is a little old now, but in his younger days he would have made a great George Bailey. With perhaps the current Michael Caine or even John Cleese as Clarence the Angel. Would that be a hoot or what?

    * * *

  6. Yes, thank God it wasn’t Reagan playing the lead, you’d be compelled to watch that movie as part of some fiendish loyalty test before taking a federal job.

  7. If Reagan were playing the lead, Clarence wouldn’t have saved him and it would have been a mercifully short movie.

    * * *

  8. A great film, from a great book. Here’s a nod to Cormac McCarthy.

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