Posted by: Jim | November 30, 2007

More On Movies


One of this year’s contenders for a Holiday Blockbuster is a movie where the main characters are trying to kill the bad guy. No surprises there, except that in this film, the bad guy is … The Lord Your God. Jehovah. The King of Kings. That’s right … Big Daddy God.

The movie is The Golden Compass, and as soon as I heard this little tidbit, I immiately divested my stocks from this film on the “Hollywood Stock Exchange.” (By the way, HSX is a fun little game that keeps you abreast of what films are coming out.) An article in the December Wired (filed under “Blasphemy”) talks about the film, and the makers make not attempt to disguise the atheistic tones of the film.

Bravo.  I intend to see it.



  1. I’ve been waiting a LONG time for this film to finally come out. And not just because of the vile, sinful, unspeakable things I want to do to the breathtaking Nicole…

    * * *

  2. Prediction: This will break-even or fail in the US and do well in Europe: It takes a special kind of brilliance (like I have, for instance) to figure that out.

    Jim, I’m gonna check out that HSX; that looks like a lot of fun.

    -Bishop Don T. Joker

  3. Although a children’s book, The Golden Compass is one of my favorites (as witnessed by my Pantalaimon RPG persona). I’ll be on the road Dec. 7th, but plan to use MAGIC (cell phone and GPS) to be first in line to see this one… somewhere!

    Venjanz, I don’t dispute your prediction but I won’t give up hope. Entertainment can be a powerful influence to higher learning. 😉

  4. well, there are no vile, sinful, unspeakable things I want to do to the breathtaking Nicole…
    But I DO want to see it.

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