Posted by: Jim | December 4, 2007

Did the Surge Work?

There seems to be a lot of news stories to indicate that it did.

But there are a lot of reasons why we have been trained to be skeptical–such as all the times that we have been misled about what’s going on in Iraq. Furthermore, this is an election year, and it would be an extremely easy thing to temporarily quell the number of US casualties simply by avoiding missions that are particularly dangerous. If that were true, then the facts reported here would be technically correct, but the inference it creates would not. Some reports indicate that the decrease in violence is due to reasons completely unrelated to the surge.

What is really at issue here is bias. The Right claims the media has a leftward bias; The Left claims the media has been a corporate tool of the White House’s agenda. The utter lack of media credibility (which I think we all agree upon) makes it easy for us to apply our own bias in determining which news stories to trust. If the story conforms to our theory, it must be true. If it does not, it’s a result of lies or bias.

What are the facts on Iraq? There is only one: those of us Stateside will not know for some time.

If I set my own bias aside, I actually do hope that the surge has worked. This would facilitate our exit … right? Unfortunately I have no faith that our government wants this conflict to end, so I do not believe that all the good news being spouted in the news today is anything but election year deceit. 

I hope I am wrong.


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