Posted by: Jim | December 6, 2007

Facts Don’t Do What I Want Them To


Defective Yeti has done a great job of finding levity in the recent news about Iran. From that post, I will submit only the above graph.

One might think that this news paint the current administration into a corner regarding their stance on Iran. Past reports from that group have been poo-pooed when they didn’t conform to the current policy, and embraced when they did. What’s the point of doing studies at all?

Our President is not dissuaded or even mildly impressed by facts. He is a presidigitator of reality.

(Can anyone name the source of the title without Googling it?)



  1. Prestidigitator, typo.

    As for the title, it immediately called to mind a line from a Talking Heads song

    “Facts are simple and facts are straight Facts are lazy and facts are late Facts all come with points of view Facts won’t do what I want them to…”

    Am I right?

  2. I knew that of all my readers you were most likely to get it! Well done. 🙂

    Was it “don’t” or “won’t”?

  3. Hmm, lyrics sites are divided on the issue.

    Just listening back to the original (I listen to ‘Crosseyed and Painless’ and ‘The Great Curve’ almost daily) to check definitively…

    Hmm, seems I was correct, it is “won’t” not “don’t”…

  4. I actually like “won’t” better. It says the narrator actually tried, which works better.

    “Remain in Light” is one of the great albums of all time.

  5. I prefer it to, as it indicates a struggle of wills between the singer and the facts, rather than the alternative, that conjures up nothing much for me.

    Yup. Great album, along with Fear of Music.

    I don’t know what I’d do without the music this band made. Along with Talk Talk’s The Colour of Spring, I have them going constantly.

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