Posted by: Jim | December 7, 2007

2008 Primaries


This chart comes from It shows how truly narrow the spectrum of our current choices is.



  1. I love this site.

    If you explore the historical data, you will find that 18 of the 20 are actually to the right of Hitler.


  2. They have been evaluated through scrutiny of public statements, manifestos, interviews and, crucially, voting records. Our apologies for those not included.

    I’d like to see each candidate take this test and see how closely their answers would be to where they are plotted on the graph.

    I’d also be interested as to where all those who commented placed on the graph.

  3. Check this out, todd:

    This is based on their voting records.


  4. Thanks! I see (and this does not surprise me) that Hillary Clinton has the most ’empty’ boxes. Ack. Begone, vile witch.

  5. Wow…It’s not often I agree with Todd, but Hillary makes my butt itch.

    * * *

  6. LOL – nice Bri. I also found this link, which is shorter, sweeter, and better animated. I ended up with McCain…

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