Posted by: Jim | December 14, 2007

Another Shooter, Another Cuprit

This time the gunman “hated Christians.” The resulting scramble would be hilarious if it weren’t such a tragedy. Five people are dead, after all.

Every time some whack-job commits some heinous crime, the media sets its sights on a culprit. If said whack-job uses MySpace to meet his victim, then the culprit is lack of security at MySpace. If he shoots up Virginia Tech, politicians rally for increased security at Colleges.  If someone shoots up a church because he’s been ostrasized, they blame prescription drugs.

I’m also part of a de-conversion group that is trying to blame Christianity on the shootings. Please, people. Christianity has been fucking people up since time immemorial. If they could have caused people to go on shooting rampages, they would have many, many times by now.

Were I a crueler man, I would say it was Darwinian principles in action, but I’m not that mean.

People are just whacked, and now and then they go on a shooting rampage. If you take away the guns, they will use a shovel, or a wicked-looking scythe. If you increase the security, they will still do it. We’re not safe, none of us are. Just be thankful that the odds are in your favor, and try not to blame people or things that have nothing to do with the human condition.



  1. I don’t know, I don’t remember reading any accounts of shovel rampages, undertaken when the killer can’t lay hands on firearms.

    This is different ground, perhaps, to the blame the internet type stories. Guns are excellent devices for killing a bunch of people in short order and US culture is steeped in a gun mythology of how they guarantee freedom from govt tyranny (I have always found this curious, as if private citizens could own tanks and nuclear weapons, etc, I’d have more time for this ‘logic’ but even the heaviest hand-cannons are pea-shooters compared to what The Pentagon (or the UN, of course) will come after Montana militiamen with in those final days)

    It would be better if there was less gun ownership and a less pressurised society, one where people perhaps go for help rather than descend into the states that produce these incidents. This does not mean I favour gun control, I just believe that a society more open to people seeking psychiatric help (rather than it just being for wealthy movie stars and the entire population of New York) would see a reduction in people wanting guns in the first place.

    I’m asking you all to love one another, people!

  2. “I’m asking you all to love one another, people!”

    That includes you, Christians, live by your avowed principles and end this judging.

    Geez, in the US, I had my college degree, my business, and so on, but when I told this guy I was getting along with just great that I did not attend church or believe in Jesus Christ, his face, like I had admitted to being one of Satan’s minions… Hmm, I didn’t feel like killing him, but you can see why people get pissed off with the self-satisfied and judgmental character of many Christians. The one thing that has almost roused me to murder is when a Christian said, in response to my lack of interest in their beliefs – “I will pray for you.”

    I sprayed them with an imaginary Uzi.

  3. Dude, you forgot video games, movies, rap music, D & D and Heavy Metal.

    Personally, I have for years been following the antidepressant prescription-to-teenage mass-murder ratio for years, and there is a correlation.

    It is also worthy of note that in America, relatively cheap high-power semi-automatic rifles, sub-machine guns, and semi-auto pistols have been available to the public since the 1920’s, yet it is only in the last 25 years these random mass executions have become quarterly events.

    I think it’s a complex combination of factors, but one thing to remember is that in a nation of 300,000,000+ people, these events comparatively VERY rare.

  4. I don’t know, I don’t remember reading any accounts of shovel rampages, undertaken when the killer can’t lay hands on firearms.

    People of all religions, at some time on the past, and even the present, have picked up stones to assault others who did not believe like them. Christians are no different (prominent example, the Crusades). There are daily occurrences of religious zealotry in today’s Iraq and the surrounding area. This was going on before the war, before Saddam Hussein, before the United States of America, and before Christianity was even conceived.

    If this shooter were to have chosen a rock as his weapon, not much damage would have been done. The difference is in the number of people that believe like he does and take action. Twenty people with rocks are much more threatening.

    When is the last time anyone heard of a stoning in a religious context in these United States? Even shootings are rare, comparatively (thanks, Venjanz).

    My point is, regardless of the weapon, Christianity is not the culprit – it is religious fanaticism in general.

  5. I was gratified to get to the last line and find you were not blaming the availability of stones!

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