Posted by: Jim | December 17, 2007

Russia Ships Fuel to Iran in a blow to Journalistic Congruency

The Washington Post says this, while the NYT says this.

WTF? Completely opposite translations of the same news story. The NYT is reading quite a bit deeper into the story. Makes ya wonder.



  1. I saw the headline on Yahoo! News, scratched my head and thought, “Well, it’s just like the good old Cold War days. We say no to Iran, so naturally, Moscow will say yes.”

    Then I read the story and thought, “OK, to deter them from obtaining nuclear know-how, we’re going to approve Russia giving them nuclear material.”

    Hmmm. So we’re (the world) is saying that it’s ok to provide Iran with nuclear fuel as long as they don’t try to learn how to refine it and make bombs out of it (which I’m all for).

    My last and final thought was, “No matter who you are, or where you’re from, you will always want to seek knowledge.”

    Iran is not going to stop seeking nuclear equality in the realm of weapons just because we ask them not to. It’s not realistic to expect.

    Aside from the threat of war, what other deterrent is there?

  2. The “moral equivalence” crowd says, “But… but the Jew Zionists and America have nuclear weapons, what wrong with Iran having them?111?!!?! eleven!?

    What’s wrong with Iran having nukes is that their country is a radical Islamic Theocracy (not a fantasy theocracy like many leftist-atheists like of America) ruled by a council of radical Mullahs that think that slaughtering Jews and Christians (and any non-Shi’a Muslims) is Allah’s plan to bring forth the 12th Imam who will convert the whole world to Islam. This can only happen after there is a great slaughter of Muslims at the hands of the Joooos and Christians. Put it together.

    You are a fool if you think that Iran is not actively seeking nuclear arms.

    In unrelated news, Jarred Allen of the KC Chiefs made the Pro-Bowl this year.

  3. Israel acuired its nuclear potential in secret and is a non-signatory to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. I am trying to find the reference, but this went as far as Bush reading out a list of ‘rogue states’, shortly after 9/11, for their pursuit of nuclear technology, where Israel met the same criteria, but was left off the list.

    You can talk about moral equivalence, while others will talk about the nature of hypocrisy.

  4. I think Venjanz point that we are a faux theocracy is valid. But his argument relies on the premise that only theocracies should not have nukes. Our beef with Iran is not over Allah, but over Oillah, and the spoils of our Iraq adventure. The “theo” in our theocracy is money–which is founded on oil. We are no less a devil for it.

    People are motivated toward violence because we are irrational. We also believe in god because we are irrational. Both are symptoms of the same problem.

    Our reason for not allowing Iran nukes is not motivated by religious unction. It’s because we fear a nuclear Iran would impact our control over the oil in the region. It would give them clout that we don’t want them to have.

    So in my opinion, this is hypocrisy.

  5. You have a couple of good points, Jim, but the point I am making is that Iran would be more likely to commit a nuclear first-strike because of the religious ideology of their leaders and the nature of their government.

    You think oil prices are high now? Wait till they announce to the world in a few years that they have received the “Divine Sword of Allah” and, and will use it to crush the infidels. Just wait.

    If you want an investment tip, buy in to whatever company is contracted to exploit the oil that was just found off the coast of Brazil.

    Merry Christmas!


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