Posted by: Jim | January 7, 2008

FOX Skews News

Presidential Debates should not be sponsored by Television Networks. This was made plainly evident last night when Ron Paul was not invited to the NH Republican Primary debate, sponsored by FOX.

Following are the Iowa Caucus Results:
Mike Huckabee 34%
Mitt Romney 25%
Fred Thompson 13%
John McCain 13%
Ron Paul 10%
Rudy Giuliani 3%
Rudy Giuliani, who garnered an unimpressive 3% of the vote in Iowa, was invited to last night’s debate sponsored by FOX, but Ron Paul, who got 10% of the vote and currently stands third in New Hampshire according to the latest Rasmussen Reports Survey, was not.

I wonder what FOX’s reasoning was?



  1. Can’t let the FOX hordes suffer the cognitive dissonance of a Republican candidate who is against endless war and the piling up massive debts by the White House.

    If there was some way to cut through the B.S. then people would make the link – Why is there a trillion dollars available to spend on making war while New Orleans continues to rot, bridges collapse, and the bogeyman of universal healthcare or not making the Bush tax giveaways permanent threaten to destroy the American economy…

    Happy new year!

  2. I like FOX News as a media source, however, this news baffles me. After a good half an hour of hardcore Google News searching, I can come up with no article on why Ron Paul was excluded from this debate, let alone finding anything on which might give me a reason, good or bad.

    I like Ron Paul, but I also like John McCain, and McCain did nothing to impress me by taunting Ron Paul in his absence.

  3. McCain has lost it, it seems. I watched some of the debate, and McCain repeatedly uses the shield of his undoubtedly heroism-filled past to hide behind while whacking away with the personal attacks on his rivals. Straight talk, indeed. Isn’t he simply too old to be President, anyway? He has lots of experience, but it seems to be concentrated in the mid-part of the last century.

    It is clear that FOX made an ideological decision to exclude Paul because of his message, as the numbers clearly indicate and his massive fundraising confirm it, that he has a constituency out there in the US. I am gutted, because it would’ve been very interesting to see Dr Paul up against the big government pro-war Republican candidates.

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