Posted by: Jim | January 17, 2008

Register to Vote!

Californians have until 1/22 to register for the Primary.

Do it online by going here:

It takes 5 minutes to register and 30 minutes to vote.  A bad President lasts 8 years, and his legacy will probably last for the rest of your life.



  1. Yes, by all means, get out there and vote. Unless you’re a mentally constipated Christian Fundie and you think the baby Jesus shit out fairy dust for us all to gleefully (and mandatorily) inhale — which means you take the Bible literally (except for the parts that condemn you) and the Constitution as a ‘worthless piece of paper’ (except for the parts that appeal to you).

    So if you’re one of these people, kindly stay home and haltingly attempt to read your Big Print ‘Left Behind’ booklets while the rest of us engage in a process that is, alas, supposed to be of the real world.

    Of course, you’re not going to listen to me, so come on out and cast your vote for Suckamee or Reamney, so we can trounce their dimwitted dogmatic prehistoric asses in the General Election.

    A pyrrhic victory it would be, as Hillary is a flatulent pile of gangrenous afterbirth and Obama will get eaten alive by the unelected Good Old Boy puppetmasters — but at least the meaningless figurehead wouldn’t be one of YOU guys. Sadly, a President who’s just corrupt or ineffectual, but articulate and informed and not the laughingstock of the world, would be a welcome change — even if our demise is pretty much set in motion already and I doubt anyone without a big S on his chest could stop it. But I digress. I’ll stop for now, and I mean it. Anybody want a peanut?

    * * *

  2. Did somebody forget to take their Zoloft today?

  3. The Zoloft stopped working in ’04. A lobotomy was the only option left, but I declined. Didn’t want my mom to see me drooling on youtube.

    Too bad we won’t live…but then again, who does?

    * * *

  4. Any time someone makes a Blade Runner reference, I stand up and cheer.


  5. So the big question is: does constantly dreaming of unicorns mean you’re a replicant? Or just gay?

    * * *

  6. We here on the right in Colorado operate on the caucus system. I can’t make it to mine tomorrow as I have to work. I would be curious to see it in action.

    McCain Mc-Can.

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