Posted by: Jim | February 1, 2008

Lost In MySpace

MySpace doesn’t like atheists. In fact it has deleted atheist groups and members. Even Wikipedia says it is so.

Now, MySpace is not a branch of the government. They are owned by Rupert Murdoch. If he wants to rename it “MySpaceUnlessI’mAtheist,” that is, in my opinion, his business. If I were to start a social networking site and consistently delete any Christian or religious groups, that would be my prerogative. Of course, if I did I would probably get sued, and would probably lose unless it was specifically an atheist social networking site. (Gals, once you go Atheist, you’ll never go back.)

MySpace caters to all ilks. There are pagan groups, occult groups, Christian groups, Gay groups, Pot-smoking groups, and groups for men who like Latina women with big butts. Why not atheists? Are we lower than the big-Latina-butt-loving people?

I say, screw MySpace and all their advertisers. 

Oh yeah … I never gave a shit about MySpace to begin with.



  1. that is the problem with being an atheist, you always seem to be running into human beings keen to play God…

  2. I saw this one today. Clearly there is more to this story than what is currently being reported.

    Hell, they even let this jerk have a site:

  3. ZOMG! I had a myspace account to check in on my kids, and Cobraisle is in my extended network.

    Am I soiled by association?

  4. “Are we lower than the big-Latina-butt-loving people?”

    Guess so Jim – lol

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